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Take Khalistani lessons from Pakistan

On the one hand, the Prime Minister is welcoming the Sikh-Representational Mandal at his residence and on the other hand there is a fierce fight between Sikhs and Hindus in Patiala. The Prime Minister had recently on the occasion of the 400th birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Tegh Bahadur lauded the unique contribution of the Sikh community to India’s independence and prosperity, and yesterday there was a riot in Patiala over the demand for Khalistan. Hindu and Sikh organizations clashed, lathis, bullets were fired and curfew was imposed in Patiala.

At the root of what happened in Patiala, there is nothing but extremism, retardation and parochialism. It has nothing to do with Guru Nanak’s Sikhism and Hinduism. It is just a riot of minority people. Exactly a similar scene was seen just in the Dwarka area of ​​Delhi. Rajaram, a poor milkman, was murdered by some cow vigilantes because they suspected that he had killed a cow. Seeing the ashes of a cow from his house, he committed this cruel act. Can you call such people the protectors of Hindutva or Gomata? Such people consider a man worse than an animal and kill him.

The militants who are demanding Khalistan in Punjab, tell them how Khalis are they? Are they true devotees of Guru Nanak? Has he tried to understand the true meaning of Gurbani? They are not so much religious as they are political. The hunger for power keeps them running. They also join hands with the enemies of the country to grab power. Is there any discrimination or injustice with Sikhs in India? The President and Prime Minister of India belong to the Sikh community. He has held all the posts like Speaker of Lok Sabha, Chief Justice, Governor, Chief Minister etc.

No minority group has got as much importance in India as the Sikhs. Is there any community in India, whose members have killed a prime minister? Who has not condemned the atrocities committed on the Sikh people after the assassination of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi? The Sikh community is synonymous with its devotion to India and hard work. Indians are proud of him. The brothers who raise the slogan of Khalistan, don’t they know how those who raised the slogan of Pakistan in 1947 have made the lives of crores of poor Muslims miserable. The lives of crores of Muslims who remained in India have also been put in trouble by those selfish leaders. Khalistanis should take lessons from Pakistan, not help.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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