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Taiwan crisis is not because of America

Don’t know why diplomatic and strategic experts of the country and the world have concluded that Taiwan is in trouble because of America. Seeing the articles of national and international scholars or reading the headlines of the newspapers, it is being seen everywhere that Taiwan is caught in the cross firing of America and China or Taiwan is being sacrificed like a pawn in the war between America and China. Being victim of proxy war etc etc etc. It may be that some experts believe so, but there are many experts who are drawing this conclusion due to some ideological insistence. Such experts are either neutral or supporting Ukraine in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The reason for this is that they have no reason to support Russia and they are not able to hold America responsible for this war in any way. On the contrary, in the case of Taiwan, they have reason to defend China and somehow America has become involved in this matter.

But in reality, America’s role in the entire crisis of Taiwan is such that it repeatedly declares to support Taiwan. He opposes China’s monopolistic and expansionist diplomacy and strategic policy and describes himself as the savior of democracy. The US may consider the visit of Lower House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan as an immediate reason for escalating the conflict, but it is also not the root cause of the crisis. The fundamental cause of the Taiwan crisis is China. Not from today, China’s eyes are on Taiwan for many decades. Even when relations between China and America began to strengthen in the seventies, China had described Taiwan as its integral part under the One China Policy and then America accepted this. This was mentioned at the time of the agreement with the US and China had said that it would merge Taiwan with mainland China and implement the system of ‘One Nation to System’. That is, for more than 50 years, he considers Taiwan as his own and is thinking of joining his country. At that time America also agreed with his thinking.

So, how can America be held responsible for this crisis? Will Taiwan be safe if America shuts down? Will China not take any military action there? If Taiwan distances itself from America, will China give up its intention to occupy it? India is not fighting with China. On the contrary, India’s trade with China is increasing. For the first time in history, the trade of both the countries has exceeded one hundred billion dollars, in which India is facing a huge trade deficit. From above, India is not supporting America and European countries even in the Russo-Ukraine war. Yet where is China leaving India? He is eyeing how many parts of India and waiting for the time to capture it. It has occupied India’s land in eastern Ladakh and is maintaining instability from Arunachal Pradesh to Sikkim. Therefore, Taiwan’s silence or distance from America is not a guarantee of its survival. It is known to Taiwan that sooner or later China will try to capture it. Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it clear that he will take over Taiwan by conducting a military operation. Keep in mind that Russian President Putin has also called the war waged to capture the eastern part of Ukraine as a special military operation.

In fact, China has been trying to annex Taiwan for a long time and it has nothing to do with America. China has made the entire South China Sea its military base. It has made the Taiwan Strait as its military base. China is deploying its troops there by making artificial islands in the sea. This is the result of his expansionist policies. The US or any other country is not involved in this. On the contrary, because of America, China is not able to succeed in its objective. There are only two reasons why Taiwan should be relieved. The first reason is Taiwan’s chip industry, that is, the semiconductor manufacturing industry. Taiwan is the largest producer of chips used in everything from computers to cars and satellites. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, TSMC is its largest producer. China is also dependent on Taiwan for the chip. Apart from this, the second reason for Taiwan’s relief is America.

It can be said that the visit of US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has become the immediate reason for increasing the confrontation. But this is also nothing new. Pelosi has been provoking China in the past and has been speaking and creating an atmosphere against its policies. Recall how in 1992 she went to China with a US parliamentary delegation, went to Tiananmen Square, raised a banner and supported the pro-democracy youth killed in the massacre of the Chinese government. Similarly, when Pelosi visited India in 2008 as House Speaker, she went to Dharamsala and met representatives of the Tibetan government-in-exile including the Dalai Lama and issued a statement against China’s repressive policies in very strong words. Therefore his visit to Taiwan is a part of his stated policies.

Controversy has increased due to his visit, so the responsibility of America has also increased. The responsibility for Taiwan’s security has fallen on him. China’s vulture gaze is on Taiwan. It feels that Russia has invaded Ukraine and occupied many of its territories and its purpose of war has been fulfilled. It is also feeling that even after waging war on Ukraine, nothing will go wrong for Russia. This has also boosted his spirits. Keep in mind that at the end of the year is the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of China in October or November, in which Xi Jinping will be re-elected leader. Many old members are retiring in this Congress, to be replaced by Xi’s trusted people. After that they can intensify the Taiwan campaign. Taiwan is understanding this and only then it wants to keep America involved in the entire dispute. By law, India should also join it and speak on the issue of excesses from Tibet to Hong Kong, Xinjiang province and Taiwan.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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