Taapsee Pannu lashed out at the journalist, said- “First come after doing homework”

Taapsee Pannu Viral Video: In a video shared online, Taapsee is seen telling the media, “Don’t shout, brother, then you guys will speak, actors are not capable”.

Mayapuri Hindi- Actress Taapsee Pannu remains in the discussion about her impeccable style. She is seen fearlessly expressing her opinion on social media and other interviews. Taapsee recently OTT Play Awards 2022 (OTT Play Awards 2022). Talking to the media on the red carpet, Taapsee (Taapsee Pannu) She was seen getting angry with the journalists, whose video is becoming very viral on social media. In the video going viral, Taapsee was seen saying that “First correct the gender, then you talk”.

Let us tell you that in the video going viral on social media, Taapsee is seen raging on the journalists. In which Taapsee says “Don’t shout, then the same people will say that the actors are not smart”, after that a journalist asked Taapsee about the film ‘Dagara’ that “About the negative promotion on social media against your film. What do you have to say?” Responding to this question, Taapsee says, “Which film was not promoted against? You answer my question. If you answer me, I will answer your question against which film such a campaign was launched?” When the journalist mentioned the name of his film, he said, “You do some research and then ask questions”.


Sahil Kothari

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