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Swapna’s allegations and Kerala government

The main accused and out on bail, Swapna Suresh has made the objections by filing an affidavit in the court, He is very serious. Refuting all these allegations of Swapna, Chief Minister Vijayanpolitically motivated’ are telling. But how serious is his government about investigating the matter, This is evident from the fact that M. Shivshankar, who was the Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, The accused used to visit Swapna’s house frequently. which 98 regarding this matter Day remained in jail too – he was banned by the Left government in January 2022 He was reinstated as the Principal Secretary of Sports-Youth Affairs.

Is Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan or his family directly or indirectly involved in the popular gold smuggling? All this is subject to investigation. But the objections raised by the main accused and out on bail Swapna Suresh in this regard by filing an affidavit in the court are very serious. According to the allegations made by Swapna, Chief Minister Vijayan, his wife Kamala, their daughter Veena, former minister K.T. Jalil is also involved in several anti-national activities including former Speaker of the Assembly P.Sriramakrishnan, former Principal Secretary to Chief Minister M.Shivashankar and some top bureaucrats gold smuggling. Not only this, Swapna says that in the year 2016, when P.Vijayan was in Dubai, he also gave her a bag full of cash.

This is not the first time that the chief minister’s office has been under suspicion in the Kerala gold smuggling case. Ever since this entire incident has come to the fore, since then only things are finally coming to the fore. Swapna Suresh has repeated the same allegations in the police interrogation. While dismissing all these allegations of Swapna, Chief Minister Vijayan is calling it ‘politically motivated’. But how serious his government is about the investigation, it is clear from the fact that M. Shivshankar, who, as principal secretary to the chief minister, used to frequent the house of accused Swapna, who was also in jail for 98 days for this matter. He was reinstated in January 2022 by the Left government and made the Principal Secretary of Sports-Youth Affairs. Imagine, if all this had happened in a BJP ruled state, it would have been the main headline of many newspapers and news channels, as well as a section of the country would be slandering in the name of morality. Has anything like this happened in this case of Kerala? – No. Does the reason for this lie in the ideological-political philosophy of Chief Minister P. Vijayan?

The smuggling was busted on 5 July 2020 at the Thiruvananthapuram airport when a 70 kg diplomatic consignment landed there. Sarith Kumar, a former employee of the UAE Embassy, ​​had come to pick it up. When the customs officials examined the consignment, being suspicious and approved, they were surprised. It showed pipes, faucets and door handles among food items, electronics items. The same pipes were filled with thirty kilograms of gold of twenty-four carats, which was then estimated to be worth Rs 15 crore. Investigation revealed that Swapna was in constant touch with the UAE Embassy then.

A year before the case was busted, several loaded cargoes for the embassy are said to have arrived in the state, which could have easily been thrown out of the airport without any investigation due to the ‘diplomatic exemption’. Then investigators had raised the possibility of smuggling 230 kg of gold at that time. It’s not hard to guess how many times this would have happened. There is smuggling of gold in this whole case, but it also smells of anti-national activities (including financing of terrorism) – the NIA investigation is proof of this.

Swapna Prabhu Suresh is the main facilitator in this entire incident. The reach of this woman who is attractive in appearance and fluent in several languages, it is evident from the fact that without any adequate qualifications, she has been appointed as Marketing Liaison Officer of Space Park under Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited (KSITIL). was appointed to the post. It is alleged that M. Shivshankar, the Chief Secretary of the then Chief Minister P. Vijayan, played the biggest role in bringing Swapna to this point. Imagine, Swapna reached those positions without any experience, cut throat competition and proper educational qualification, where most of the people are not able to reach even after years of hard work, diligence, desired qualifications and giving bribe/recommendation. Was this possible without the involvement of influential people in the Kerala government?

There is no doubt that Swapna is a very ambitious person. According to media reports- Swapna, born in Abu Dhabi, UAE, did not have a good married life. Soon after divorcing her husband, Swapna started living with her daughter in Thiruvananthapuram and later married for the second time. Swapna worked in a travel agency in Kerala. During this time she also became the secretary of a person who was already involved in international level fraud. In the year 2013, Swapna moved to AISATS, a subsidiary of Air India, where within a short span of time she got acquainted with all the major locations and authorities of the airport. Perhaps he would have come to know about the ‘legal-protection’ available to the ‘diplomatic consignment’ during this time. It was clear that Swapna’s intention was to make progress in a short time.

Whoever came in the path of Swapna, he did not leave him anywhere. One such case also came while working at the airport, where all of a sudden 17 girls lodged complaints of sexual harassment against LS Shibu, who raised voice against his immoral activities. Investigation revealed that all the cases were fake and false, script of which was written by Swapna. After the confession of this crime, Swapna not only escaped easily, but she also made her way to the Chief Minister’s Office. Now how did this miracle happen?

It is clear from the viral pictures on social media that Swapna was known to powerful people in UAE. For this reason, he got a job as a secretary in the Consulate General of the UAE, Thiruvananthapuram. After this Swapna strengthened administrative and political contacts in Kerala. There was so much dominance in the administration that after a policeman did not salute in the consulate, Swapna called the upper officer and got him removed from there.

How close the relationship was between Swapna and the Government of Kerala is evident from the fact that as Chief Secretary to the Chief Minister, M. Sivashankar frequented Swapna’s residence. There is also an allegation of Swapna’s contact with former state higher education minister and current MLA KT Jalil. Now the police have registered a case against Swapna for inciting riots and criminal conspiracy on the complaint of Jalil. This mix-up—and the viral photos of Chief Minister P. Vijayan attending state meetings—makes the matter all the more dangerous.

This is not the first time that anti-national activities are gaining strength in the Left government of Kerala. Whether it’s EMS In the reign of Namboodiripad, Malappuram district should be formed on the basis of religion, VS. In the era of Achuthanandan, there may be an attempt to change the regional population by forcibly converting non-Muslim girls through love-jihad, or during the current P.Vijayan’s regime, the recruitment of youths who converted by force to Islamic State in the infamous terrorist organization. In this sequence, the current gold smuggling scandal is a similar stain on the Left government of Kerala.

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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