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Sushmita Sen’s sister-in-law Charu Asopa threatened her husband, Rajiv also made serious allegations

Charu And Rajeev


  • Rajeev Sen accuses Charu Asopa of playing ‘victim card’
  • Charu Asopa shared the post on social media and replied to Rajiv

Charu Asopa Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen is in the news these days for her new love relationship. On the other hand, his brother Rajiv and sister-in-law Charu Asopa also remain in the discussion about their relationship. For a long time, the news of Rajiv and Charu’s divorce was coming to the fore. The process of both constantly accusing each other is not taking the name of stop. Both keep attacking each other through social media posts.

Recently, Rajiv had accused his wife Charu Asopa of playing the ‘victim card’. How could Charu live without answering that? A day after Rajiv’s allegation, the actress shared a post. After seeing this post, everyone is guessing that this post has been written for Rajiv. This is Charu’s counterattack in return for his charge.

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Charu shared some of her pictures on Instagram on Tuesday. Along with these pictures, the actress wrote in the caption – “You can lie to the world but not to yourself. You can’t lie to your soul and most importantly never forget that karma is going to come back to you.”

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During an interview, Charu, while talking about Rajiv Sen’s allegation of Victim Card, said – “As far as Rajeev calls me the master of the art of playing the victim card. If he feels that way about me, then this is his thinking. Leave everything on time. Soon everything will be revealed so that everyone knows who is what.”

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