Survey: Women take more divorces than men in western countries, know what is its figure in India

70 to 90% of divorce cases in the United States are filed by women

Women are getting more divorces than men in Western society. In the United States, 70 to 90% of divorce cases are filed by women. 62% of divorce cases in the UK are filed by women. Experts say that the reason for this is the ease of divorce process in Western countries.

Let us tell you that according to Dr. Heidi Carr, women’s economic independence as well as financial understanding are increasing conflicts in marriage. If a woman has a job, it is not necessary for her to be in a financially abusive relationship, for the same reason women are more likely to apply for divorce. At the same time, according to psychologist Dr. Gilza Forte Martinez, women often experience loneliness due to lack of emotional understanding in men. Women are more likely to have this understanding because of their higher emotional intelligence, which can lead them to separate from their husbands or decide to divorce. According to experts, where 39 percent of men regret getting divorced. On the other hand, 27% of women repent after divorce.

On the other hand, according to the National Family Health Survey, only 0.3% of women in India are divorced. According to experts, the reason for this is the lack of economic independence among women, less family support and the attitude of the society towards divorce in the country.

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