Surti coming out of the shadow of Corona; Gearing up for tourism during Diwali holidays!

Relaxation in the guidelines of Corona boosted people’s spirits, tourism will increase during Diwali

World Tourism Day was celebrated across the world yesterday. World Tourism Day is celebrated by the United Nations (UN) on 27 September every year. This year Indonesia is hosting the World Tourism Day celebrations. The theme of this year’s World Tourism Day celebration was “Rethinking Tourism”.

The tourism department was affected by Corona

Let us tell you that tourism is getting a very satisfactory response this year after the difficult times of the Corona epidemic. Diwali holidays are already fully booked at international and national famous tourist destinations. The development of tourism industries provides employment to many people. Various industries as well as the tourism sector had to suffer many times during the difficult times of the Corona epidemic. After that gradually the fear of Corona subsided and people started going here and there for tourism. But in that too, the guidelines of Corona were made to follow the guidelines of the tourists at different tourist places.

Relaxation in the rules of Corona guidelines in tourist places

Along with this, the guidelines of Corona were being strictly followed at international tourist places too. At present, the rules of Corona Guidelines have been relaxed in most international tourist destinations. Also, bookings for Diwali holidays have been started by tourists as rules have been relaxed at various tourist destinations in the country. Tourism industries are also getting good response this year.

Significantly, in the year 1970, on 27 September, the constitution of the World Tourism Organization was adopted in the United Nations. That is why Tourism Day is celebrated every year on 27 September.

World Tourism Day is organized on a special theme

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has a different theme for World Tourism Day every year. This year the relaxation of guidelines after Corona will be celebrated in Indonesia on the theme of ‘Rethinking Tourism’. Whereas in 2019 India was the host.

This is the purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day

The aim of the World Tourism Day celebrations is to create awareness among the people about tourism in the vicinity. Development of World Social, Cultural, Political and Economic Affairs On World Tourism Day, various types of events are organized around the world including the country.

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