Surprising: This sheep got a prison sentence, accused of killing a woman

In South Sudan, a sheep killed a woman by continuously hitting her head, got 3 years in prison under the rule of ‘blood for blood’ 5 cows will be received from the owner of the sheep, Duonay Manyang

You must have seen or heard of humans being punished for any crime till date, but recently in the African country of South Sudan, an animal was punished for murder. A unique case of sending a sheep to prison for 3 years for killing a woman has come to light in South Sudan. The accused sheep had killed Adhiyu Chaping, a 45-year-old elderly woman, with her horn. This sheep attacked the woman’s ribs and the elderly woman died instantly.

According to the information, this sheep made several blows on the chest of the woman, due to which she died. The sheep will now have to serve up to three years in an army camp as a punishment. The guilty sheep have been sentenced by the elders of South Sudan. On the other hand, under the rule of ‘blood for blood’ to the family of the deceased woman, 5 cows will also be given as compensation by Doonay Manyang, the owner of the sheep.

Regarding this, the police said, ‘Our role as police is to provide security and put an end to the quarrel. This sheep has been caught and is currently being kept in custody at a police station.” At the same time, officials say that in talks with the local elders, both the families have agreed that the owner of the sheep will have to give them the cow.

Let us tell you that in Africa, the cow is seen as an asset and many tribal tribes fight for their lives for it. The county’s administrator, Paul Adhong, said the sheep’s owner and victim are both intertwined and neighbours. It has also been agreed that when this sheep is released from jail, it will be given as a gift to the family of the deceased woman. Both the families have signed an agreement in front of the police.

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