Surprise: Was playing the game in the mobile sitting in the toilet, suddenly the python came, then it happened…!

The python bitten on the young man’s buttocks, two weeks later, the dragon’s tooth was found in the wound

In today’s time mobile has entered our life in such a way that people keep their phones with them in every work. Even people take the phone with them to the restroom and sit there for a long time and run the phone. There are so many searches in running a mobile that they do not even know what is happening around them. Something similar happened with a 28-year-old man living in Malaysia, who was playing a game on his mobile in the toilet and was bitten by a snake on his buttock.

According to the news of the local news Newsweek, a snake bitten Sabri Tajali, a resident of Malaysia, when he was sitting in the toilet and playing games on his mobile. He immediately removed the snake with a jerk. Two weeks after this incident, fragments of teeth were found from the bite wound of the snake. The young man told about this that when he saw his wound after two weeks, he found a broken tooth of a snake there. Sabri first wrote about this on his Twitter. He told that this incident happened to him in March. He was so scared of this incident that he did not use the toilet of his house for two weeks.

Sabri said that he is busy playing games for about 15 minutes while on the toilet. On 28 March he suddenly stood up with a pain, in which he saw his buttock being held by a snake with its teeth. He quickly pulled her and threw her aside. It was later discovered that it was a dragon. He was relieved to know that this snake was not poisonous. He said that his family has been living in this area for 40 years, but this is the first time such an incident has happened.

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