Surat: Youth became owner from laborer by doing modern cultivation of watermelon

Leaving the work of grapes and onion in the field, the youth started modern farming in his field with less water

A young man from Malin village in Waghai taluka of Dang district, bordering Maharashtra, was digging Maharashtra’s fields as a farm laborer in a Vriksha ki Wadi. While on limited land he saw farmers succeed as a result of the water-less modern farming system, he was determined to switch from labor to master, and once again took up the matter of the motherland to make it a reality. Yogesh Bhivsen, a young farmer from Malin village, made an estimated profit of Rs.

Supporting modern farming, the young farmer said in an interview that despite putting more effort into traditional farming methods, farmers are being deprived of farming due to lack of required returns. Whereas modern agricultural produce under the guidance of agricultural scientists is taking the farmers back to farming. There was only sweat in BapDada’s rocky, dirty village in the hilly area. But Yogesh used to work for five-seven years in the grapes and onion orchards of Maharashtra and got a salary of one hundred and fifty rupees. With this thought he borrowed ten thousand rupees from his Maharashtrian Seth and set out to cultivate in Malin.

Initially, with the help of land reforms, he took a cow and kept animal husbandry with him. Planting watermelon in four hectares of less water, sowing seeds of success, adding new dimensions like plastic mulching, drip irrigation, converting traditional crops like paddy and chickpeas to their land. Success achieved by modern farming methods in less water.

Yogesh Bhivsen cultivated watermelon for just 80 days in four hectares

While discussing his Malin farm amidst 43 degree temperature, Yogesh Bhivasen said that under the guidance of experts from Ahwa Agriculture and Horticulture Office as well as Vaghai Krishi Vigyan Kendra, he cultivated watermelon in four hectares of land in Malin and produced more than 120 tonnes. Harvested more watermelons. The traders sitting on the farm for only 80 days bought it at the rate of Rs.11 thousand. Today Yogesh himself cultivates watermelon, but at the same time prepares farmers from nearby villages for it by moving from cash crops.

Talking about the summer crop for Dang district, Harshad Prajapati, a horticulturist at Waghai-based Krishi Vigyan Kendra, said that the watermelon crop can be considered as a profitable crop in a short period of time, adding that farmers will be able to harvest this crop. In plastic mulching and drip method is used. Which has many benefits, he said. Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Waghai said that due to drip irrigation and fertilizing, the fertilizer efficiency is also increasing along with saving about 30 to 40 percent water.

Under the RKVY project by Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Vaghai, about 98 farmers of villages like Divdiyavan, Sati, Fish etc. were given information. Due to which farmers have been able to move ahead in watermelon cultivation at present. Prajapati said that drip irrigation, plastic mulching and fertilization have worked together in the melon field, which is a good product this year.

To help the farmers of Dang district to make continuous progress in watermelon cultivation, Krishi Vigyan Kendra-Waghai is guiding the farmers through various extension activities such as field visits, clinical visits, demonstrations and various trainings. Is. Along with this, farmers are continuously provided with sufficient information about different crops. Youth like Yogesh have become an inspiration to others.

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