Surat: Vivnit exhibition has proved that weavers of Surat have the power to be number one at the international level : Himanshu Bodawala

Texas Group representatives from Dubai and buyers from Sri Lanka visited the exhibition

Dakshin Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Dakshin Gujarat Chamber of Trade and Industries Development Center has organized VIVNET Exhibition-2022 (2nd Edition) at Surat International Exhibition and Convention Center, Sarsana for three days from 23rd July 2022.

Chamber President Himanshu Bodawala said that Jackibhai Mordani and Pradeepbhai, representatives of the UAE Textile Traders Association Textile Merchants Group (TEXMAS) from Dubai, visited the Vivinet exhibition on Sunday. International buyers from Sri Lanka also visited the Vivenet exhibition to interact directly with the exhibitors. Apart from this, most of the textile traders of Surat city visited the exhibition during the two days.

Huge crowd gathered on Sunday during Vivenet exhibition

He further said that 5475 buyers visited the exhibition on the first day. On the second day on Sunday, even in incessant rain, 10234 spectators visited the exhibition. During the two days, 15709 visitors saw the exhibition, which saw unparalleled enthusiasm among the exhibiting weavers and knitters. This exhibition organized by the Chamber has proved that the weavers and knitters of Surat have the power to be number one at the international level.

Deep Prakash Aggarwal, President, Vivenet Exhibition said that genuine buyers from major textile markets of India such as Indore, Cuttack, Jaipur, Pune, Banaras, Gwalior, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Kolkata, Lucknow, Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi participated in the exhibition. ran away. Placed orders for lakhs of meters of gray fabric and saris to the exhibitors.

All the exhibition coordinators of the Chamber, Bijal Jariwala said that various fabrics and lappet fabrics made of lotus stem fiber have attracted attention in this exhibition. But one company has developed different products by making cloth similar to Patola’s cloth using ikat technique. With this technique the yarn is printed and then the printed yarn is woven into the fabric. If such a process is to be done in a handloom, then it takes two to four months to make the cloth. Hence sarees, dupattas, tops, coats, kurtis, narrow fabric laces and fabrics made from fabrics using latest European technology have attracted attention in the exhibition. Various products are being developed using this technology in Surat alone in India.

Mayur Golwala, Consultant, Vivenet Exhibition said that the exhibition displayed modern collection of various fabrics like plain, twill, satin, apparel, home furnishing, single jersey, double jersey, net and rapier jacquard items like top dye sarees, diable viscose sarees, diable went. Exhibitors are receiving orders for Nylon Sarees, Curtain Fabrics, Sofa Fabrics, Lungi Fabrics, Brocade Fabrics and Technical Textiles. Tomorrow, on the third day too, there will be a crowd of buyers and spectators.

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