Surat: The purpose of SMA is to make traders aware so that they can avoid cheating: Narendra Sabu

To solve the problems of the traders, a weekly meeting is organized every Sunday at Manbhari Farm.

Under the aegis of Surat Mercantile Association (SMA), regular weekly problem resolution meeting was organized on Sunday 22/05/2022 from 9 am to 10 am in the courtyard of Manbhari Farm House with SMA chief Narendra Sabu ji and his entire panch panel team. Held in attendance.

About 115 business brothers participated in today’s meeting and 75 applications have been submitted for resolution, out of which 5 applications were resolved immediately, the rest have been handed over to the Punch Panel and Legal Team, which will come in the resolution process with time. will..

In today’s meeting, many business brothers have recovered their stuck money with the help of Surat Mercantile Association, have shared this information with all the merchant brothers.

Shri Dilip Bhai ji, a merchant of Surat, has provided a sumptuous snack to all the merchant brothers who came after their problem was resolved.

The main objective of Surat Mercantile Association is that the traders of Surat should become so aware that fraud business cannot be done with them.

The main issue of today’s meeting was Surat’s trading business is through 98% to 99% agents and in the last few years there is lot of problem of return goods, late payment, and payment defaults. There was a lot of business discussion on all these topics today, all the people took part enthusiastically and opinion was taken from many traders, finally it was decided that whatever return goods will come without any unwanted return goods or NOC of the merchant without Surat and if The merchant of Surat will apply in the association and outside the mediation of the association, if the village trader agrees, then it is a good thing, otherwise his name will be exposed in all the WhatsApp groups with photos so that the rest of the traders can avoid doing business with him.

About 30 businessmen from different markets have participated in today’s meeting. SMA chief Narendra Sabu ji said to all those merchant brothers that you should put a free security sticker of Surat Mercantile Association at every shop in your market and become an authorized member of SMA yourself by filling the free membership form and also make other merchant brothers of the market a member. .. They say that the day a shopkeeper of Surat becomes a member of Surat Mercantile Association, it will become impossible to cheat the merchant of Surat.

Two things have come out clearly and clearly in the context of late payment, in which SMA chief Narendra Sabu said that although the payment should not be above 60 days, but with your own and the merchant’s consent and up to 120 days from the business transaction. But if a merchant is not able to make the payment even in 120 days and the party is delaying the payment to you, then it is a very worrying thing. He is playing the game on your money, if he comes in trouble then you will also be in big trouble. So under no circumstances sell clothes on credit late for 60 days and if any agent or merchant refuses to pay in payment. If he is staying or is late, then you can put the photo, name etc. of that trader on the social media of SMA by making it public. First, he will be explained by the association, if he does not understand, then it will be the last decision, his name will be revealed in all the association’s platform so that other traders should be careful from doing business.

In today’s meeting, Ashok ji Goel, Atma Ram ji Bazaari, Sanjay ji Agarwal, Rajiv ji Umar, Sandeep ji Gupta, Rajkumar ji Chirania, Deepak ji Agarwal, Hemant ji Goyal, Basant Maheshwari ji, Manoj Agarwal ji, Ghanshyam ji Maheshwari, Keval G. Asija, Mukesh Aggarwal, Arvind ji Jain, Chiku Bhai, Rajendra Kanodia ji, Ramkishore Bajaj etc. have been in attendance. If you tell SMA then the solution will definitely be there.

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