Surat: Summer camp of Utthan Project making holidays interesting in Vagra

Summer camp planned by Adani Foundation-Dahej to attract students towards extra-curricular creative activities during holidays

Leisure i.e. opportunity to gain knowledge through creative activities with sports

The summer camp was planned by Adani Foundation-Dahej with the aim of attracting the students towards extra-curricular creative activities during the holidays. Various programs were organized under the Utthan Project run by the organization. More than 1200 students from 14 schools of Vagra Taluka enthusiastically participated during the 15 days summer camp. Children arriving at summer camp Activities undertaken to bring out dormant powers and develop curiosity The first semester of summer activities focused on scholastic and co-curricular areas. in which the primary

Activities were organized to improve the learning ability of school children. Through these creative activities, children of classes 1 to 8 learned more about reading, arithmetic and science. Including reading story cards and books, leaf art, origami, activities including puppet making, handkerchief or T-shirt painting, greeting cards, cooking flammables.

While most schools are closed during the holidays, this type of summer learning activity enhances children’s skills. Children from rural schools are lagging behind in extra-curricular activities as compared to urban areas. Summercamp Activities Through this children can grasp stories of knowledge and science while playing. A spellathon is an activity that provides students with the opportunity to increase vocabulary and spelling tests. Organized in collaboration with Utthan Sahayak, such a summer learning campus plays an important role in the all-round development of the children.

The students of Vagra Taluka Lakhigam, Luwara, Jageshwar, Dahej (Boys and Girls) villages of Jolva, Suva, Raheed, Koliad, Vegni and Kaladara villages enthusiastically participated in this summer camp. Dignitaries, including village sarpanch Naginbhai, who is conducting interesting experiments for enrichment of knowledge among children, congratulated the upliftment assistants.

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