Surat: Mobile phone addiction killed two, the child strangled his father to death after stopping


The craze of online games on mobile games in India has increased very fast for some time. The biggest impact of this has been on children. The situation is that you will find every second or third child playing online games in mobile. At the same time, many times it becomes overwhelming for the parents to stop these children from playing these games. One such case has come to light from Surat in Gujarat, where the father strangled his father to death when the father refused to let a 17-year-old child play online games.

Mother told the second reason of death
Actually, a man named Arjun Arun lived with his wife Dolly and a child in Kawans village of Ichhapore police station area of ​​Surat city. Two days ago, his wife took Arun to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. When the doctors asked Dolly the reason for her husband’s death, she told the doctors the reason for her death was injury.

Secret revealed in front of police
After this, when the post-mortem of Arun’s body was done, it was found that Arun died not due to injury but due to strangulation. After this shocking revelation, the doctors informed the police about it. When the police strictly interrogated, the child spilled all the secrets. The 17-year-old minor told the police that his father used to interrupt him all the time to play the game, due to which he got angry and strangled his sleeping father to death.

16 year old girl committed suicide
On the other hand, another sad case has come to light in Surat itself, where a 16-year-old girl hanged herself for not getting the mobile. In fact, the family members said that because of the mobile, studies are not possible, so the family members took the mobile from the girl and did not return it, due to which the girl ended her life by hanging herself in the room. .

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