Surat: Miracles happen only when the thoughts of the mind are moving in the right direction: Expert

Corporate trainer Kalpesh Desai gave important guidance on mind programming as an expert speaker

A training session on ‘Mind Miracle’ was organized by South Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry at Samridhi, Nanpura, Surat. In which corporate trainer Kalpesh Desai gave important guidance regarding mind programming as an expert speaker. Kalpesh Desai said that God has given us four important resources like mind, body, time and talent. The greatest resource is the mind. All the miracles that have happened in the world have happened because of the mind. Mind is a huge power house. Because dreams, thoughts, feelings and habits are inside the mind. The concentration and control of the body is also within the mind. Mind is just a thought. Feeling that where there is no thought there is no mind and talking to oneself is called thinking.

The mind has no fixed place, so our attention must be directed in the right direction.

Miracles happen only when the thoughts of the mind are moving in the right direction. Therefore it is necessary that the thoughts of the mind should be stopped from going in the wrong direction and it should be given the right direction. For that you have to talk to yourself. When we do this, ideas can be steered in the right direction. The mind has no fixed place, so wherever our attention is focused, there is our mind. So we should focus in the right direction. To perform miracles we have to use the power within us, so it needs to be understood well. It is necessary to give good direction to the mind. If we focus on the difficulties we face in business, we will be stuck in them, but if we focus on solving the difficulties instead, we can certainly get out of the difficulties.

The subconscious mind has no logic. It has an automatic body function feedback. But what we think and do is done by the conscious mind. But it often happens that people do not use the subconscious mind and the conscious mind as they should. Due to which they have to face various difficulties in business or life. Therefore a simple mind should be used.

One should think with a conscious mind and communicate in the right direction

When we focus on something good, thoughts of the past come to mind or worry about the future is due to a swinging mind. Furthermore, arrogance, revenge, comparing oneself with others or judging others are all caused by opposite minds. If a person wants to be happy and concentrated, a simple mind should be used.

To solve problems, one should think with a conscious mind while staying positive and communicate in the right direction. There should not be too much internal dialogue even during self-talk. One should proceed only by thinking about what is important for oneself in business or life. It depends on how we take the situation.

If you want to control your emotions then you should do meditation.

Ramesh Vaghasiya, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce delivered the welcome address in the session. The question-answer session was conducted by Mrinal Shukla, President, Chamber Group. Chirag Desai, Chairman of the Soft Skills Development Committee of the Chamber, outlined the program and conducted the entire session. While committee member J.K. Nair introduced the speaker. Chairman of the session Kalpesh Desai gave satisfactory answers to various questions and then the session came to an end.

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