Surat Mercantile Association aims to add one lakh members

35 applications were submitted by the merchant brothers for resolution, out of which 2 were resolved immediately, the rest were handed over to the Punch Panel and the Legal Team.

Under the aegis of Surat Mercantile Association (SMA), regular weekly problem solving meeting was organized on Sunday 15/05/2022 from 9 am to 10 am in the courtyard of Manbhari Farm House. It has been organized under the leadership of Rajiv Umar ji and Ashok Goyal and their entire team. About 55 business brothers participated in today’s meeting and 35 applications have been submitted by merchant brothers, out of which 2 applications were resolved immediately. The rest has been handed over to the Punch Panel and the Legal Team, who will get into the resolution process with time.

In today’s meeting, many business brothers have recovered their stuck money with the help of Surat Mercantile Association, sharing this information with all the merchant brothers.

Last week, SMA chief Narendra Sabu ji had appealed to all the merchant brothers who had come that there are many WhatsApp groups of Surat Mercantile Association in which thousands of traders are connected, but until the traders of outside mandis are not connected, the work is incomplete. Because those with whom you have to do business should also be aware of the working style of your organization and the officers of their organizations should also be added so that it is easy to agree among themselves. Therefore, today again an appeal has been made to the platform of SMA that all the merchant brothers of Surat are requested to add maximum number of WhatsApp group of Surat Mercantile Association to the traders of their respective mandis. Due to your efforts, the number which is in thousands today will become in lakhs.

With this, the strength of the organization will increase, then the scope of solving the problems of textile trade will also increase. Organizations will be able to play a stronger role in ridding the textile industry from non-commercial elements, fraudsters.

Ashok Goyal has expressed concern over the huge increase in the incidents of fraud and fraud from all the business brothers who came to the meeting and special care needs to be taken in any kind of transaction.

In today’s meeting, Ashok ji Goyal, Surendra ji Agarwal, Mahesh ji Patodia, Sanjay ji Agarwal, Rajiv ji Umar, Ashok ji Bajari, Sandeep ji Gupta, Jitendra ji Surana, Deepak ji Agarwal, Basant ji Maheshwari, Bharat bhai, Durgesh Tibdewal, Ramkishore Bajaj, etc. have been cordially present.

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Shivam Bangwal

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