Surat: Many development works were done by Adani Foundation in the villages of Hazira Coast.

Lakes deepened in Bhatlai, Damka and Suvali

Adani Foundation in Surat is involved in many activities related to health, education, training and infrastructure development in Hazira Kantha area and villages. As Adani Foundation is involved in sustainable livelihood development of the community in different parts of India, there are many requests for different activities. Under this, various requests have been fulfilled recently from Moira, Bhatlai, Damka, Suwali villages of Hazira.

Most of the villages in Choryasi taluka of Surat are included in the coastal zone so ground water is saline hence it cannot be used for irrigation. Access to fresh water for irrigation is a challenging issue in most areas. This is to save the rain and use it for post monsoon irrigation.

There is a solution for regions. The government is also planning to deepen the lake under Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav. Based on the request received by the Adani Foundation from the Gram Panchayat, the work of construction of 03 new lakes at Damka, Suvali and Bhatlai of Hazira area was done before the monsoon. The capacity of a lake is about 20,000 cubic metres. Which can be used for domestic, irrigation purposes and livestock. Ultimately the water will help in improving the economic standards of the people of the region. Apart from this, it will recharge the ground water and also improve the quality of ground water.

Mora village and its central market are important in the coastal region of Hazira. There are shops on both sides of the main road in Mora village and fairies sit to sell fruits and vegetables. The road divider separating the road was open without a fence. Due to this the hawkers had to throw garbage between these dividers.

That’s why the stray animals were coming. At the same time, people also crossed this divider to cross the road. Many times small and big accidents are happening here, many problems like traffic jams were also coming.

For all these reasons, the Sarpanch of Mora village has requested Adani Foundation, Hazira to fix the road divider on the main road of Mora village and put a new fencing on it.

A new and strong railing has been built over the divider above the main road of Mora village. And plantation has been done to make the environment beautiful. The new dividers are beautiful and will significantly reduce the risk of accidents on the main road.

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