Surat : ‘INSTAFOOD’ is the option of delicious food like home

An innovation by Sheta Exports, not Freeze Dried or Preservative but comes under the easy to cook category INSTAFOOD.

The number of Indian students going abroad for further studies is projected to reach 1.8 million by 2024, while the number of NRIs is over 13 million. In India, 46.75 percent of the students live in hostels. They often face problems of lack of healthy Indian food options or lack of cooking skills and poor health to eat out. To help solve this problem, Sheta Exports has come up with ‘INSTAFOOD’, which offers several easy meal preparation options so that everyone across the world can have delicious homemade Indian food.

Will meet the need of Indian food for people living abroad for studies or work

‘INSTAFOOD’ is designed to ensure that when a person relocates (for study or work) or decides to travel to another city or country, his/her health is never compromised. This is a boon especially for the youth living in PG and hostels who live alone for the job. They offer more than 25 dishes like Dal-Bhat, Dal Dhokli, Soji Ka Shira, Rajma, Sambar, Cashew Curry, Dal Fry, Paneer Bhurji and Gujarati Dal. These recipes are created by an Indian woman, a mother who has researched for many years to create the perfect product with a unique taste.

More than 25 dishes like Dal-Rice, Dal Dhokli, Cashew Curry, Soji Ka Shiro, Rajma, Sambar, Dal Fry, Paneer Bhurji and Gujarati Dal.

‘INSTAFOOD’ also has a very competitively priced product range, so students can eat healthy meals without increasing their budget without a kitchen setup and without any cooking skills. ‘INSTAFOOD’ does not contain any colors or preservatives and has a shelf life of 14 months. ‘INSTAFOOD’ is sourced from natural sources in dry form, a process that also ensures that the food is safe while retaining its original taste, appearance and nutritional value, all the factors that make it available under other ready-to-eat brands. makes it different. These products can be reused once by using them in the required quantity by tying them with a zip lock. This idea illustrates the process in which the brand’s offerings are implemented to create viable options for takeaways.

Our products can be ordered from websites of Amazon, Flipkart, and Whatsapp on +91 9081695000 number. Visit to learn more about our products and services. Also available on Amazon, Flipkart, indiamart, Trade India

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