Surat: IDT students made Navratri Garments on the theme of National Game

Students designed clothes on the theme of national sports this year

There has always been a lot of enthusiasm about Navratri in Gujarat. And this year due to the 36th National Games being held in Gujarat, there is a different festival-like atmosphere. This time the design students of IDT added to the same enthusiasm by launching a collection of Navratri in the market which included designer elements as well as colors of Navratri and various arts of India. Simultaneously, taking inspiration from the National Games, Navratri Dress depicts all the 36 sports that are going to be held in the National Games.

The logo of the special National Games is printed on the dupatta and will be depicted on all sports.

Highlighted with patch work and hand embroidery, the entire garment reflects the sporting spirit. The logo of the special National Games is printed on the dupatta and it will be fitted with the depiction of all the sports. Fatima, Ajith, Ushma and Roshni contributed with mentor Natasha Doneria in making it.

This collection is special in itself because its prints have been created by the students themselves keeping in mind the industry, innovation and sports here. On it, like India, it has been raised with hand work of arts like raw, amla, gajri and many other arts. This collection was displayed today at IDT.

Students understand the nuances of design as well as industry

Jagdish Purohit and Apoorva ji were present to judge it. He appreciated the efforts of the students and congratulated the institute for the new collection. Diya, Kripa, Mansi, Vandana, Varsha, Heat and Lake were rewarded. Along with garments, special attention was also paid to accessories. Pooja Gheewala, Sakshi Pahariya contributed in making it. Anupam Goyal, Director, IDT said. Our students launch Navratri collections every year and this time special attention was given to the industrial process, so that the students understand the design as well as the nuances of the industry.

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