Surat: Himanshu Bodawala as the new president of the chamber, Ramesh Vaghasiya, the vice president.

Chief guest Pankaj Patel, chairman of Zayeds Group, told the industrialists, keep experimenting for innovation, one day success will surely come.

America – Exhibition will be organized in Dubai and Bangladesh, not only textile but jewelery will also be displayed in America: President Himanshu Bodawala

Himanshu Bodawala on Saturday took over as the President of the Chamber of Commerce for the year 2022-23. The opening ceremony was organized at Sarsana International Exhibition and Convention Center at 5-30 pm. In which Himanshu Bodawala took over as the President and Ramesh Vaghasiya as the Vice President.

During the inaugural function Himanshu Bodawala said that business development activities would be given priority by the Chamber. for the development of industries Exhibition will be organized in America and Dubai, not only textile but jewelery will also be exhibited in America. Apart from this, efforts will be made to provide a new market to the entrepreneurs of Surat by organizing an exhibition in Bangladesh. Efforts will be made to start a Common Facility Center for R&D in the textile industry in Surat. Efforts will be made to make Surat a hub of garment industry.

Chief guest present at the admission ceremony held in the exhibition hall of Sarsana

Bodawala further said that the PM Mitra Park scheme announced by the government for the textile industrialists will go ahead fast and ensure that the industrialists of Surat also get its benefits.

Pankaj Patel, Chairman, Zydes Group, who was present as the chief guest, said that exhibitions are essential for the growth of the trade industry. With the passage of time, technology will have to be innovated and research has to be done. He appealed to the industrialists to innovate and said that for innovation Keep experimenting, one day you will definitely get success.

Rameshbhai Vaghasia also took over as the Vice-Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Thanks were expressed to all the invitees present on this occasion and the festival presidents of the Chamber of Commerce and the members of the present chamber.

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