Surat: For the first time in U-turn, a country game played by children became the center of attraction and curiosity

Sports Minister observes rehearsal on Vesu Iconic Road for organizing National Games in Gujarat and Surat

The 36th National Games has been organized by the Government of Gujarat. It also includes native and simple games. In the 36th National Games, the students of Surat have started practicing to lead the country’s sports along with other sports. In U-turn today, the practice of indigenous games by the students of the Education Committee became the center of attraction for the people. In U turn, the students of Education Committee were seen practicing Lakhota, Khokho and various sports. More than 700 students of Surat Shiksha Samiti are practicing to participate in the 36th National Games.

Students of city primary education committee will participate

Indigenous games played in the villages of Gujarat and other states have also been included in the national games. For the children of Surat Education Committee, players have been selected for rural and other sports on 12th and 13th September. The selection process of the students who are ahead in the game by practicing with other students in the past is going on.

Khel Harsh Sanghvi boosted the enthusiasm of the children

Due to the love of the children for the country games, they became the center of attraction of the people in U-turn today. More than 700 children of the education committee did mock drills in Vesu of the games played in the indigenous-village schools. Sports Minister Harsh Sanghvi, Municipal Commissioner Banchha Nidhi Pani, Collector Ayush Oak, Governor Vimalbhai Desai, Dharmeshbhai Patel and officials were present and encouraged the children by watching this mock drill. , Thus song, music or dance is the center of attraction of the people in U turn of Surat, but for the first time the country sports performed by children became the center of attraction and curiosity of the people. The 36th National Games organized by the state government includes indigenous, simple games. In which the students of Surat are also leading in the sport of the country, hence the practice has been started. Today in U turn, the practice of indigenous sports by the students of the education committee became the center of attraction.

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