Surat : Chamber organizes BTC tabletop buyer-seller meeting in Los Angeles

Exhibitors are likely to get bigger business in future once the scope opens for BTUB : Ashish Gujrati

530 Buyers Visited Buyer-Seller Meeting, Stock Completed Two Hours Before Closing

Btusi Table Top Buyer-Seller Meet was organized by Dakshin Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Sunday 17th June, 2022 in Los Angeles, USA. Local industrialists including Mehulbhai Ahir, Nareshbhai Solanki, Bhagwanbhai, Rajnibhai Kakadia, Natwarbhai Thakkar, Suhaniben Patel and Sheetalben Desai were present on the occasion.

Ashish Gujrathi, president of the South Gujarat Chamber, said that the Bayer Seller Meet was inaugurated at 10.30 am on Sunday morning at Sanatan Dharma Hall in Los Angeles. Despite it being Father’s Day, this B2C buyer-seller meet received an overwhelming response from the local buyers to the industrialists of Surat. Around 530 buyers came during the day. The meet was to go on till 6:00 pm, but due to the stock being exhausted, the buyer seller meet was closed at 5:00 pm. However, the exhibitors received a turnover of approximately US$85,000 in Btusi and other orders and inquiries arose.

Los Angeles students meet at an exhibition organized by the Chamber

The Regional Head of Asian Hotel Association also visited today’s meeting and he too showed keen interest in the decoration of the house. In addition, there are several Indian ware and Indian ethnic ware shops located in the Pioneer area in Los Angeles. These merchants also visited and exchanged cards with the merchants of Surat. This has opened up a lot of scope of BTB for the garment manufacturers in Surat.

He further added that Surat’s textile industry has been in direct contact with key buyers at the Chamber’s three-day “Global Textile Trade Fair 2022” exhibition in Atlanta, USA and a one-to-one buyer-seller meet in New Jersey. and Los Angeles. So they are likely to get big business in future also. Because the United States is the largest consumer of textiles in the world. It is also the largest importer of textile goods.

View of the exhibition held in Los Angeles, USA

Amish Shah, president of GTTF Exhibition, said that buyers from Washington also participated in today’s buyer-seller meeting. In which a female buyer, Natalie, liked the textile products of Surat, especially the fabrics and different styles. Buyers, including Natalie, praised Chambers’ exhibition in the United States.

He further said that the students of Indian origin born in Los Angeles also visited the meeting and saw sarees, dress material and various fabrics and also understood the importance of saree and dress material in Indian culture. The completion of today’s meeting concludes the Chamber’s exhibition in the United States.

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