Surat: Buyers flock to the second day at the Global Textile Trade Fair exhibition in Atlanta, USA

Every product on display is good but there is interest in viscose and linen products made by textile manufacturers in Surat: Hon Rudisha Paul from Australian company

If such an exhibition is held every year in the United States and other countries, the younger generation will have a platform to display and sell their products across the globe: Exhibitor Rupali Surani

Southern Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry at the Gas South Convention Center in Atlanta, United States. The three-day ‘Global Textile Trade Fair’ exhibition has historically started on 9-11 June. On the second day the exhibition was bought by 486 visitors. Chamber President Ashish Gujrathi said that the various products being displayed by the textile industrialists of Surat in the exhibition are getting an overwhelming response. The second day also saw a rush of buyers as on the first day and the exhibitors got very good business on the spot.

Buyers at the exhibition Rudisha Poole, owner of an Australian company, said, “All the textile products on display are great, but they are particularly interested in viscose and linen products made by textile manufacturers in Surat.” That they will get the delivery of this product from India in two weeks.

Indian American Business Alliance – President of Chicago Dr. Vijay G. Prabhakar said that the Chamber’s effort at an exhibition in the United States would boost demand in global markets for Made in India handloom and textile products and would provide a major boost to increase exports to India.

Rupali Surani of Surat, who participated in the exhibition as an exhibitor, said that the exhibition organized by the Chamber is getting very good response. So this type of exhibition is organized every year. Similar exhibitions in the United States and other countries will provide a platform for the younger generation to display and sell their products around the world.

Federation of Indian American Association of South Georgia board member Rajiv Mann said that the ‘Global Textile Trade Fair’ exhibition is showcasing Indian culture along with textile products. This is a very nice and welcome thing.

Georgia resident Kartik Bhatt said that the exhibition will not only boost bilateral trade between India and the United States of America but will also help in planning such a large scale in future.

It is worth mentioning that there is a huge demand for Fabric, Grey, Bleach Fabric, Sofa Fabric, Towel Fabric, Knitwear and other fabrics in this exhibition. Home textiles, polyester, viscose, cotton, blended fabrics, Indian ethnic wear for women, kurtis, medical textiles, apparel and garments, handicrafts are on display.

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