Surat: Apart from 40 small and big cities of India, buyers from America, London and Dubai will be present in Diamond Expo-2022.

Surat Diamond Expo to be held from 15th to 17th July, Manufacturers and Traders directly contact big buyers

Carat Expo offers new suppliers, more than 150 retail diamond stalls for the first time

B2B Carat Surat Diamond Expo-2022 is planned in Surat from 15th to 17th July. Road shows have been organized in eight to ten cities and in near future, road shows will be organized in 30 to 40 major cities of India. Marketing has started for buyers in USA, London, Dubai, Hong Kong as well as Thailand.

Carat of diamond buyers in Surat – Visitor registration is taking place at Surat Diamond Expo. B2B Carat of Loose Diamonds for the first time in the world – Surat Diamond Expo-2022 was organized at Avadh Utopia, Surat with booths for the year-July-2018 (40) and Aug-2019 (79) so that the small and big traders can reach out to the buyers. can be in direct contact with. Both the exhibitions were very successful so more than 150 stalls will be allotted for the 2022 exhibition.

Due to Corona virus, the year 2020 and 2021 could not be planned. A large number of reputed companies participated in the B2B Carat-Surat Diamond Expo 2018 and 2019 and got a great response in the business. The exhibition was a huge success internationally. The organization of the Carat Surat Diamond Expo created a positive atmosphere for the buyers to come to Surat. The B2B Carat – Surat Diamond Expo has opened new avenues for the diamond industry. B2B transactions are accelerated by bringing manufacturers and traders in direct contact with large buyers.

Every jewelery maker and jeweler is looking for cheap diamonds. Then Carat Expo has given them new suppliers. Keeping this in mind, Surat Diamond Association is organizing 3rd Carat-Surat Diamond Expo from 15th to 17th July, 2022 at Club Avadh Utopia- Surat. There will be an exhibition of rose cut, polka dot, natural fancy color in the exhibition. Minister of Surat Diamond Association. This year the exhibition Natural Loose Diamonds will showcase all types of Diamond Cuts like Rose Cut, Polki, Natural Fancy Colored etc.

The coordinator of the exhibition Gauravbhai Sethi said that we have 150 booths. Against which the demand for 170 booths has been raised. Awadh Utopia Clubs offers 350 rooms for a complimentary stay to premium buyers. Road shows have been organized in eight to ten cities and in near future, road shows will be organized in 30 to 40 major cities of India. The marketing has started attracting buyers from the US, London, Dubai, Hong Kong as well as Thailand. The country is registering many online visitors from abroad to roam the carat. An estimated 15,000 visitors are expected. Further information can be found on Surat Diamond Association’s website The visitor registration fee is kept on this website till 31st May, 2022.

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