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Superstar Dhanush suddenly changed his look

Dhanush Viral Video: In the acting world, actors keep changing their look every day. But sometimes actors change their look in such a way that even their fans refuse to recognize them. Let us tell you that famous actor Dhanush has suddenly changed his look. Seeing such people of Dhanush, even his fans are unable to recognize him. This look of the actor is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

This actor changed his whole look


Let us tell you that the famous actor of South Industry, Dhanush has recently been spotted at an airport. During this, seeing the people of Dhanush, the senses of his fans have gone away. During this, famous superstar Dhanush has grown a very long beard and thick hair. Dhanush is looking completely different in his new look. During this, Dhanush is wearing black color paint and pink color shirt. The video of this new look of Dhanush is surprising people a lot on social media.

Dhanush will be seen in his new film

Let us tell you that Dhanush has made this look for his upcoming film. Dhanush will be seen rocking this world in his upcoming film. The name of the upcoming film of superstar actor Dhanush is Captain Miller. The poster of Dhanush’s upcoming film Captain Miller was released a few days ago. Dhanush will be seen playing the lead role in Captain Miller film.

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