Sumit Kumar Mishra: The Expedition for turning his Clients into Brands through his Digital Marketing Skills

Born and brought up in New Delhi, Sumit Kumar Mishra is a popular rising Entrepreneur, besides being the Co-founder of PRSN Media. His company is providing digital services to Artists, YouTubers, Actors, Business Organisations, and other people who require it. His main goal has always been to build a bridge between his clients and the outer world to help them grow in both offline and online market.

It is his dream to be a very successful man, innovative Entrepreneur and a skilled Digital marketer. He is interested in electronics and anything that comes along with it. He is owner of a few prominent blogs like True Gadgets, Trends Column, Trend Flavors, etc. Learning about new things, be it about the world of electronics or the online world, he has managed to tick all the boxes. So, what is his basic task? He simply works as an advertising or digital media branding creator for different kinds of brands online and from his skills he can make something viral.

Sumit’s hard work and dedication to thrive for the best have made him quite successful in the digital marketing industry. He has worked with various artists from Italy, France, UK, Canada, USA, India, and many other country. Sumit Kumar Mishra provides complete online marketing solutions for his clients such as Social Media Manager, SEO, Web Development, App Development, Branding, Ads Management, Graphic Designing, PR, Blogging and YouTube Advertising.

Sumit also has a deep love for travelling and is known tech blogger and foodie. He wants to travel and explore the world someday and learn from those unique experiences. He never settles for one stream of income as he loves to try out different things and open up as much market he can. Because of his entrepreneurial mind-set he keep on trying new ideas and is also willing to invest in others business ideas anytime if he likes it.

Within a short span of time, Sumit Kumar Mishra has been a very successful name in the industry. This young boy is inspiration to many as being from a small town and now having a good name in State as well as India. Cheers to his success!! If you want to know more about him do follow Sumit’s Social Media Profiles.


You can follow him on-
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/skmfcb/
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/skmfcb/

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