Sultan of Multan furious for hanging Yuzvendra Chahal intoxicated, said- tell the name…

new Delhi. Sehwag On Chahal : Yuzvendra Chahal, who bowled brilliant spin for the Indian team, recently made a big disclosure. He had said that 9 years ago the player had misbehaved with him while intoxicated. Chahal had told that he was hung from the balcony on the 15th floor and if there was a slight mistake, he would have fallen down. After this sensational revelation of UG, the news spread rapidly in the media. After this, former veteran opener batsman Virender Sehwag of the Indian team, who is called Sultan of Multan, has also reacted.

Said this by tweeting

Sehwag On Chahal : Virender Sehwag tweeted after listening to Chahal that the name of whoever had done this to him must be told. Tell Sehwah that if all this is true then it should not be made fun of at all. He said that it is necessary to do what happened and why it was not taken seriously because action must have been taken on it. Let us tell you that Sehwag has been very outspoken from the very beginning and gives his opinion on every issue equally frankly.

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Revealed while talking to Ashwin

Sehwag On Chahal : This whole matter came into the limelight when a video was put on Rajasthan Royals’ Twitter. In this video, while talking to Ravichandra Ashwin, Chahal had disclosed this. Along with Ashwin, Chahal, Rajasthan Royals player Karun Nair was also seen in the video. During this, Yuzvendra Chahal had said that all this happened to me in 2013 when he was in Mumbai Indians but I will not reveal the name of that player. Chahal had said that I was hung and I was holding his head, if I had missed my hand, I would have fallen.

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