Strong tremors of earthquake again in Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand, India shook for the second time in a week

A major earthquake was felt in the national capital on Saturday at around 8 PM and tremors were felt across NCR.

Again on Saturday Mild tremors of earthquake were felt in many districts including Uttar Pradesh’s capital Lucknow at 7.57 pm on Tuesday night. Its intensity is measured at 5.4 on the Richter scale. Its center is being told 10 km below the ground on the Indo-Nepal border. Earlier on the late night of 19 August, tremors were also felt, whose intensity was measured at 5.4.

Earthquake of Magnitude:5.4,

Occurred on 12-11-2022, 19:57:06 IST,

Lat: 29.28 & Long: 81.20, Depth: 10 Km,

Location: Nepal

Earthquake tremors have been felt in Delhi-NCR. After the earthquake, people started running out of their houses and offices. Earthquake in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand today itself. Earthquake tremors were also felt in Rishikesh of Uttarakhand today itself. Their intensity on the Richter scale has been measured at 3.4.

Complete Story of Earlier: Earthquake tremors were felt in Indian and Nepal late in the night

According to the information, today the intensity of earthquake tremors in Delhi-NCR and Uttarakhand has been measured at 5.4. The tremors of the earthquake came at 7.57 am. The epicenter of the earthquake has been reported in Nepal.

Why does an earthquake happen?

There are 7 plates inside the earth which are constantly rotating. The places where these plates collide more are called fault line zones. Due to repeated collisions, the corners of the plates are twisted. When the pressure builds up, the plates break. Due to their breakdown, the energy inside finds a way to come out. This disturbance is followed by an earthquake.

How dangerous is a Richter scale earthquake?

However, the maximum intensity of the earthquake has not been determined. But an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 or more on the Richter scale is considered to be moderately dangerous. An earthquake with a magnitude of 2 or less on this scale is called a micro earthquake, which is mostly not felt. An earthquake of magnitude 4.5 can damage homes.

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