Strange: The pilot fainted midway, an inexperienced passenger got the plane landing

Audio of the whole incident came in front, this story is like a film

If you have seen the Bollywood comedy film Dhamaal, you must have seen that in a scene a pilot of a plane faints and two passengers take down the plane. Although this whole scene was shot just for fun and laughter, imagine if this happens in reality and if the pilot faints in the sky! In such a situation, hardly anyone will believe that any passenger sitting in the plane has made a safe landing by following the instructions. But something similar happened in America, where the pilot of a plane flying in the middle of the sky in Florida suddenly fell ill, a passenger flew him for 70 miles, who did not even know how to fly the plane. Not only this, following the instructions of the Air Traffic Controller (ATC), this passenger also got the plane landed safely. The identity of the passenger who became troubleshooter for the people in the middle of the sky has been kept confidential.

According to information, on Tuesday, the pilot of the 14-seater Cessna Caravan plane took a toll and fell unconscious when the plane was about 70 miles north of Palm Beach International Airport in Florida. A passenger on the plane informed the air traffic controller. Wireless audio between passenger and ATC has surfaced. In this audio the passenger is saying on the radio, I am in a critical condition here. My pilot has fainted. After this, when ATC asked him about flying the plane, he informed that if he ever flew the plane, he did not even enter the cockpit, but he said that Florida’s coastline is visible in front of me.

Realizing the urgency of the occasion, ATC asked the passenger to handle the steering of the plane and made an expert its flight instructor. The flight instructor informed the passenger to keep the balance at wings level and asked him to continue following the sea shore until ATC found him. He was spotted about 25 miles before Palm Beach airport. After this, he was informed about the method of landing.

American aviation expert John Nance has described this incident as the first of its kind. He said, “I have heard for the first time to my knowledge that a person who has no experience in flying has landed a plane. Meanwhile, ATC stopped the rest of the planes high in the sky for the landing of the plane at Palm Beach Airport. Later, when the pilot of a plane asked the reason, the controller said to him, you have just seen some passengers landing a plane. Hearing this came out of the pilot’s mouth, Oh my God, great job.

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