Strange Pilot Case: The passenger landed the plane safely after the pilot’s health deteriorated.

New Delhi | Strange Pilot Case : A news from America has shaken the people. This news seems filmy in many ways but people have to believe in its reality. According to the information, after the pilot’s health suddenly deteriorated in a small plane off the Atlantic coast of Florida, a passenger pleaded for help via cockpit radio. After this, the passenger, following the instructions of the air controllers, landed the plane safely. The passenger told on Tuesday that the situation was very serious. The pilot could not understand anything due to ill health. I had no experience in flying a plane.

Strange Pilot Case :
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The traveler said I was not understanding anything…

Strange Pilot Case : After the safe landing, the passenger told that I had no idea. I could see the Florida coast in front of me and I knew nothing. After pleading for help via cockpit radio, an air traffic controller at Fort Pierce responded and asked the passenger if he knew anything about the single-engine Cessna 280. Thereafter, the controller spoke to him in a very calm manner and asked him to balance the wings of the aircraft and move towards the shore. A few minutes later, controllers traced the plane’s location and learned that the plane was heading north over Boca Raton.

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Only the pilot and one passenger were on board the plane.

Strange Pilot Case : When the passenger’s voice slowed down, the controller asked him for his phone number. So that he can talk comfortably with the controllers at Palm Beach International Airport. Air Traffic Controller Robert Morgan then took control of the system and made the plane land safely. On the passenger’s plane landing safely on the ‘tarmac’, another controller said congratulations to the new pilot. Morgan said it looked like the passenger was at the right time, at the right place. Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Rick Breitenfeld confirmed that only the pilot and one passenger were on board. No immediate information was given regarding how the pilot’s condition is now and officials have not revealed his identity.

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