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Strange desire to be tall, man spent Rs 1.2 crore to grow 3 inches – The Fact

It is said that hobby is a big thing. But can you spend crores of rupees to increase your height by three inches? One person has done the same. According to a report, a man spent £130,000 (Rs 1.2 crore) on leg surgery to increase his height by three inches.

Actually, the length of Roy Conn was 5 feet 6 inches. Due to which he was upset and he decided to undergo painful surgery to be taller. In which both his femur ie thigh bones were broken. After a very difficult surgery, 68-year-old Conn is now five feet nine inches tall.

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Roy Conn had to spend a lot of money to increase his height by three inches. But Conn is now satisfied with his height. Cosmetic surgeon Kevin Deviparshad performed this difficult surgery. Kevin is an expert in leg lengthening.

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Kevin Leg Lengthening is his clinic in Las Vegas, USA. Describing the experience, Conn said that the surgery was not a big issue. I had heard about it since childhood and now I could afford it.

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Con told that I always felt that my height was short. My wife was more nervous about it than me because she liked me the way I was. He told that his recovery took more time than the surgery.

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