Stock market: Bitcoin price lowest for the first time since December 2020, investors lost

Today’s Monday has proved to be a black Monday for the stock market.

Today’s Monday has proved to be a black Monday for the stock market. Lakhs of crores of investors got drowned on this day. Along with the stock markets, the condition of the cryptocurrency market is also not very good. In many ways, the crypto market has reached a worse position. Actually today, on the first day of the week, bitcoin has reached close to going below 25 thousand dollars. In the last 5 days, bitcoin is seeing a decline of about 15 percent and in the last 24 hours by more than 3.50%. The largest cryptocurrency was trading at $25,745 on Monday morning. The price of bitcoin has fallen below 25,000 for the first time since December 2020.

Let us tell you that the global crypto market cap has come down to $ 1.13 trillion today. Along with bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies are also in bad shape. Ethereum’s condition is worse than bitcoin. This currency, which has fallen about 25 percent in the last 5 days, is trading around $ 1345 today. It has fallen by more than 6 percent in the last 24 hours. At 9 a.m. IST on Monday, bitcoin was trading up 9% at 25% around 25,200. However, intraday bitcoin fell over 11% to 24,800, the lowest level since December 2020.

With the breakdown of bitcoin, the market capitalization of the crypto market also fell by 8% to 1.1.4 trillion in 24 hours. The share of bitcoin in the total market cap of the crypto market fell 0.50% to 47.20%.

(The information provided here is for informational purposes only. It is important to mention here that investing in the market is subject to market risks. Always consult an expert before investing money as an investor. Investing money on behalf of to anyone That is never advised here.)

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