Star actor said – South actors sell coconut water in Hindi films.

Bollywood Vs South : These days the matter between Bollywood and South film industry is very hot and the stars on both sides are seen getting confused. In the midst of this debate, new statements are coming out every day. Now Bollywood actor Siddharth has targeted the South Industry in one of his interviews and has said big things one after the other. Before this, there was a constant debate on South Star Mahesh Babu’s statement of Bollywood’s Affordable. Mahesh Babu had said that Bollywood cannot afford him. Even before this, Ajay Devgan and Kichha Sudeep have also got confused on Twitter. Now this debate has increased so much that every celebrity is commenting on it.

Bollywood Vs South :
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cartoons become the stars of the south

Bollywood Vs South : Bollywood actor Siddharth said in an interview to the Indian Express that the stars of South are only cartooned in Bollywood. Which is used only for laughing. Referring to Mehmood Ali, Siddharth said that he has been shown in Bollywood for a long time only in the character of cartoons, as well as referring to Mithun Chakraborty. Said that South actors have been selling coconut water in Bollywood for a long time wearing Lungi.

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what did mahesh babu say

Bollywood Vs South : South star Mahesh Babu had made such a comment in the past, on which there has been a tremendous verbal war in Bollywood and South Industry. Mahesh Babu had said during the trailer release of one of his upcoming films that Bollywood cannot afford him. On this matter, people including Bollywood stars took him fiercely on target. Although later Mahesh Babu also clarified on this matter, but day by day this debate becomes more heated.

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