Stand up comedian Raju Srivastava is no more, was hospitalized for one and a half months

Heart attack came while working out in gym on August 10, was admitted to AIIMS since then, left the world at the age of 58

The country’s well-known stand up comedian Raju Srivastava said goodbye to this world today. Raju Srivastava, one of the most famous comedians in the world of comedy and one of India’s best comedians, was ill for the past few days and was no longer in this world after losing this battle this morning. Raju Srivastava breathed his last at Delhi’s AIIMS. He was hospitalized for the last 42 days.

Attack came during workout in gym

Let us tell you that on August 10, while working out in the gym, suddenly Raju Srivastava felt severe pain which was a heart attack. After this he was immediately taken to AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. Comedian Raju laid down his arms today after fighting a long battle between life and death in the hospital.

Raju Srivastava’s brain function was not doing

Although, a few days ago, there was an improvement in his health, but those things were just a rumour. The doctors had informed that Raju’s brain was not functioning. He could not come to his senses until the brain did not function. People were praying continuously for him. During this time, the doctors changed the pipe of the ventilator used for Raju Srivastava so that there was no risk of infection. Fearing this infection, the comedian’s family i.e. his wife and daughter were not being allowed to meet him.

Doctors did their best but did not succeed

Let us inform that the condition of Raju Srivastava had remained critical since he was admitted to the hospital. Earlier he was kept in ICU, but after no improvement, he was shifted to ventilator. Even after trying for one and a half months, doctors could not save Raju Srivastava.

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