Sri Lanka: Know why this ‘explosive opener batsman’ is giving thanks to India

Jayasuriya expressed his gratitude to India and said that the country is thankful for helping India in times of crisis.

At present, the neighboring country of India is facing a severe economic crisis. We are not talking about Pakistan here. We are talking about another neighboring country Sri Lanka, where the situation arising out of the economic crisis is preparing the outline of a civil war in the country. President Gotabaya has gone underground with the Rajapaksa family and the public is out on the streets. In the midst of these lessons, former Sri Lankan cricketer and explosive Sanath Jayasuriya has also been seen standing with the public. Jayasuriya has also appeared in the performance many times in the past. Now Jayasuriya expressed his gratitude to India and said that the country is thankful for the helping hand that India has extended at the time of crisis.

Let us tell you that while talking to news agency ANI, Sanath Jayasuriya said, “After the formation of a stable government in the country, IMF, India and all our friendly countries will definitely help Sri Lanka. India has been helping us since the beginning of this crisis. We thank them for this. India is playing an important role in the Sri Lankan crisis. Let us inform that the Ministry of External Affairs of India had already informed that India will provide all possible help to Sri Lanka in this difficult and crisis time of Sri Lanka. India has offered immediate assistance of US $ 3.8 billion to Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis. Not only this, India will continue to help Sri Lanka in the future under its policy of ‘neighbourhood first’.

It is worth noting that recently, a picture of former all-rounder Sanath Jayasuriya, who made Sri Lanka the world champion, was revealed during the demonstration, in which he was seen standing among the people protesting outside the President’s office in Colombo demanding the resignation of President Rajapaksa. were coming. Even before this, Jayasuriya has been demanding President Rajapaksa to step down from his post for several days. He also made many tweets regarding this. Meanwhile, there are reports that President Rajapaksa will resign from his post on July 13. He has informed Sri Lankan Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe about this.

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