Sri Lanka in financial crisis! President declares emergency, examinations postponed, people struggling with problems

Sri Lanka Crisis: Between Russia and Ukraine war, now big news has come out from Sri Lanka. A state of emergency has been declared late on Friday night after protests in Sri Lanka, which is facing economic crisis and tried to storm the President’s house. On President Gotabaya Rajapaksa’s decision to impose emergency in the country, the government says that it was necessary for the country’s security and services to run properly.

News of curfew in many places
Sri Lanka Crisis: Sri Lanka is facing a big economic crisis, due to which the situation here has worsened so much that people are continuously demonstrating against the President and government of Sri Lanka. There are reports of curfew being imposed in Colombo South, Colombo North, Colombo Central and Nugegoda Police Divisions to control the deteriorating situation.

Water cannon and sticks are used to control the public
Public anger is erupting on the streets due to the deteriorating conditions regarding the economic situation in Sri Lanka. To control the deteriorating situation, the Sri Lankan government is showing strictness to the people. The police had to resort to water cannons and sticks to stop the violent demonstrations against the President and to control the public. Cases of clashes between the public and the police are coming to the fore outside the President’s residence, after which the police have to fire tear gas shells to control the crowd. On the decision to impose emergency in the country, the government says that it was necessary for the security and services of the country to run properly. Now there is emergency in Sri Lanka from 1st April.

Exams postponed, people struggling with many problems
The situation in Sri Lanka has become such that electricity, petrol-diesel and transport services are badly affected and people are suffering from their shortage. There has been a shortage of paper in the country, due to which the examinations of the students have also been postponed. In the midst of all this, public anger is increasing in Sri Lanka and people are protesting violently by taking to the streets.

Rajul Raghuvanshi

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