Sri Lanka asked to stop Chinese ship

Colombo, Sri Lanka has finally taken the initiative and asked China to stop its survey and research vessel from coming to the port of Sri Lanka. It is being told that after India’s objection and pressure, Sri Lanka took the initiative to stop China. Actually, India is worried about this Chinese ship. A Chinese ship is heading towards the port of Sri Lanka. Due to this, there is a possibility of increasing tension between India and China once again.

Significantly, a Chinese research and survey ship is about to arrive at the Chinese-operated Hambantota port in southern Sri Lanka on August 11. The ship has a crew of four hundred people. Also, there is a large parabolic antenna on it and many types of sensors are present. Giving a balanced response to this Chinese ship, India has said that it is monitoring the situation.

On the other hand, Col Nalin Herath, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Defense of Sri Lanka said that Sri Lanka understands India’s concern very well as the ship is capable of monitoring military installations but it is a routine exercise. He had said that the naval ships of India, China, Russia, Japan and Malaysia have requested us from time to time, so we have given permission to China.

But now China has asked Sri Lanka to stop this ship from coming to Hambantota port indefinitely. The stopping time of this Chinese ship in Sri Lanka is from 11 to 17 August. Sources in the Defense Ministry of Sri Lanka had told that the Chinese ship is a very capable and advanced naval vessel. Informed sources say that India is concerned that it is capable of monitoring nuclear power plants and military bases.

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