Sri Lanka: Amidst the economic crisis, the labor women associated with the textile business are being forced to sell their bodies for food and medicines!

Sri Lanka’s back is financially broken. People have lack of work. There is a shortage of the necessities of life. People have lost their money for food, medicines and petrol and diesel. According to the news being published in the local media of Sri Lanka, the working women engaged in various industries here no longer have work. Especially the condition of labor women associated with the textile industry has become such that they are being forced to sell their bodies for the upkeep of their families. According to the Firstpost report quoting a Sri Lankan daily newspaper The Morning, these women are left with prostitution as an alternative employment.

The Morning has quoted a similar sex worker in its report that these women used to earn 28 thousand to 35 thousand rupees every month, but now even after joining the sex business, they hardly raise 15 thousand rupees per month. are getting No one can believe his pathetic condition. On the other hand, in a report by, Sri Lanka’s Joint Apparel Association Forum trade body had already revealed that Sri Lankan business is shifting to India and Bangladesh due to the current economic crisis. His clients no longer have faith in the economic condition of Sri Lanka.

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The Morning and the UK’s Telegraph have also mentioned in a report that since January this year, there has been a 30 percent increase in the number of women joining the sex industry in the country’s capital Colombo. These women are leaving their work place and moving towards the capital Colombo. These women were earlier employed in the textile industry. For this information, both publications have cited Stand Up Movement Lanka (SUML), the country’s leading sex worker advocacy group.

The report quoted SUML executive director Ashila Dandenia as saying that these women are “desperate to raise their children, parents or even their siblings” and that sex work “is rampant in Sri Lanka”. It is one of the few businesses that are being seen as a very quick money making option.”

One of the many factors behind women turning to prostitution is also rising inflation and the salary in the textile industry is also continuously decreasing. The declining compulsion and acute shortage of fuel, food and medicines in the beleaguered country have made the situation even more depressing for these women.

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