Sports: Female swimmer fainted in the middle of the competition, coach saved her life

25-year-old swimmer Alvarez faints in the water during the Swimming World Championships

One gets to hear and see something different every day from the playground. Every day some amazing thing happens. One such incident happened during the Swimming World Championships when professional swimmer Anita Alvarez fainted in the water and was rescued by her coach.

According to reports, the 25-year-old swimmer fainted while competing in the final of the women’s solo free event in Budapest and fell to the bottom of the pool. Seeing this sight, coach Andrea Fuentes immediately dived to save the player. Alvarez was given first aid as soon as the medical team arrived. After this he was admitted to the hospital. Now she is recovering.

Let us tell you that this is not the first time that American swimmers have fainted during a competition. Fuentes also helped him during the Olympic qualifying event in Barcelona in 2021. The event in which they swim requires them to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time. In such a situation, this can also be the reason for his unconsciousness. Coach Fuentes said after the incident, “There was a lot of panic. I had to jump because the lifeguards were not doing it. I was scared because I saw that she was not breathing, but now she is better.” .’

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