Spain: ‘Needle spiking’ is increasing attacks on women

Police have registered 23 cases in the last few weeks

There have been cases of “needle spiking” in the UK in 2021 and in France this year. At the same time, the first attack took place in Spain during the Bull Running Festival in Pamplona in early July. Needle spiking means needlepointing women in crowded clubs! There have been several cases of women being stabbed with sharp needles in crowded clubs and elsewhere in Spain. Due to which there is an atmosphere of panic here. At the same time, the police has started investigation in this matter. It is being told that many women have lodged complaints that they have been attacked with sharp needles. Such attacks have increased significantly in the past few weeks. Many people have also mentioned this on social media.

According to the report, women are being harassed and injected with narcotics. However, so far no traces of drugs or other toxic products have been found and no cases of related sexual violence have been reported. Similar incidents have happened in the UK and France in the past as well.

In Catalonia, police have registered 23 cases in the past few weeks. Most of the cases were reported from the cities of Lorette de Mar and Barcelona. While Basque has recorded 12. According to Basque police, these attacks are usually carried out on young women. During the party, needles are inserted into the hands or feet of women. This causes dizziness or sleepiness. Police said that if a woman feels that she has been assaulted, she should immediately go to the hospital.

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