SP spokesperson said – When General Dyer had fired bullets, the BJP was doing the job of the British

BJP spokesperson said during the debate that General Dyer had opened fire on April 13, 1919, then leave the Jan Sangh, even the Sangh was not formed.

Lord Ram is not only the center of religious faith today, but is also a big political issue. This view was seen in the debate in the show ‘Dangal’ of the news channel ‘Aaj Tak’.

In this, there was a fierce debate between BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi and SP spokesperson Rajiv Rai. During this debate, the SP spokesperson said that when General Dyer opened fire, the BJP men were doing the job of the British. On this, the BJP spokesperson retaliated and said that then what was the Jan Sangh, even the RSS was not formed.

BJP spokesperson said that Rajiv Rai has spoken wrong in a fit of rage. General Dyer had fired bullets on April 13, 1919, then leave the Jan Sangh, the Sangh was not even formed. The union was formed in 1925. He said that you people have got cataract in your eye.

Sudhanshu said that you have turned out to be more bloodthirsty than General Dyer because you said that so many Hindus were killed. On this, the SP spokesperson said that you do not talk about freedom again and again, the talk of fighting against the British from your mouth does not suit. Rajiv Rai said that we do not even need certificates from people like you.

Rajiv Rai said that you should apologize to the country because it was you who opened fire on the people demanding independence. He said that you will talk about General Dyer, you will talk about British, you will talk about independence, you will talk about nationalism, but your history is so disgusting that no one would like to teach their children.

On the issue of nationalism, the BJP spokesperson said that when Pandit Nehru became the Prime Minister of the country in 1946, there was no constitution in the country and Lord Mountbatten had administered the oath to him. Do you know by whose oath he became the PM? In fact, they took the oath of allegiance to the Crown, took an oath of allegiance to the British government, and today such people come and give speeches.


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