Sovereign Gold Bond: Golden opportunity to buy cheap gold from today, get information here and take advantage

Sovereign Gold Bond: There is a golden opportunity for those who want to buy gold from today. The ninth phase of the Sovereign Gold Bond scheme, Sovereign Gold Bond scheme 2021-22 (Series IX) has started from today. Under the scheme, today i.e. from January 10 to January 14, you can buy gold cheaply.

What is the price of gold in Sovereign Gold Bond
RBI has fixed the issue price of Rs 4786 per gram for the ninth series of Sovereign Gold Bond 2021-22. RBI has fixed the price of gold for this ninth phase at Rs 4786 per gam at a lower rate than the previous series.

Price reduced in the ninth series
The government has reduced the issue price of the eighth series by Rs 5 per gram in the ninth series. The issue price was fixed at Rs 4791 per gram for the eighth series and Rs 4786 for the ninth series starting from today.

If you buy online you will get cheaper
If you buy gold in Sovereign Gold Bond online or digitally, then you can get a discount of Rs 50 more on it. That is, you can buy gold online at the rate of Rs 4736 per gram.

How to invest in it online
Buy units of gold bonds on NSE (National Stock Exchange) and an amount equal to its value is deducted from the account linked to your demat account.

Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme Condition
It has a lock-in period of 5 years and matures after 8 years. If you want to sell them only after 5 years, then you will have to pay 20.80 percent charge as per long term capital gains tax. If you hold for 8 years and the bonds mature, then you will not have to pay any tax on the profit earned on selling them.

How to invest in
RBI has given the option to invest in it through bank branches, post offices, stock exchanges and Stock Holding Corporation of India (SHCIL). If you want to buy offline, then you can invest by visiting these places.

What is the specialty of Sovereign Gold Bond
Its best feature is that while gold is available in cheap form, there is a guaranteed fixed return of 2.5 percent on the invested amount, which comes in your account every half yearly i.e. 6 months. It is taxable according to the slab.
Another advantage of this is that you can buy gold bonds equal to the value of 1 gram to 4 kg of gold in a financial year.
It does not attract GST and making charges like normal purchase of gold.
Sovereign gold bonds can also be easily sold on the stock exchange.
Keeping these bonds in place of physical gold provides a safer option.

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