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Sorry, Soniaji!

Shame, I Hindu!-2: Yes, I am a common Hindu living in Sanatani Satya, I apologize to you. For me, the time of July 21, 2022, was of self-loathing, when AAP was replying to the Hindu officers in the ED office who were serving Prime Minister Narendra Modi. When BJP spokespersons were tearing their throats that why Congress is making noise? When the TV channels of the country were giving this sadistic pleasure to those Hindus through live shows that look, Sonia Gandhi has been told her position. I was then troubled to think that what a great sinner I am, that Hindu idea that I have declared on 16 May 2014 as second freedom, in which there is no thought, no culture, no intellect, no gratitude, nor democratic values. There is dignity and human dignity. Well, there is no question of human civilized political culture!

Soniaji, I have been a non-Congressist. With the rise of political consciousness, my mind was blown away by the socialism of Pandit Nehru, the Hindu growth rate of his customs and policy, the neglect of the original eternal heritage of Hindu civilization and culture in the rule of the Constitution. I have been a condemnation of the slavery of English. I have been considering the slavery of the Ganas by the transfer of power from the loot bureaucracy created by the British (how corrupt, characterless, powerless and spineless it is in the experience of the last eight years.) I am vehemently opposed to the nurturing of casteism from the constitution. The Janata revolution of 1977 against the dictatorship of Indira Gandhi in the Emergency had me giddy. Since then I started writing and fortunately my journalism flourished in ‘Jansatta’ in the spirit of Ramnath Goenka’s fearless mood.

Yes, you will also note that in ‘Jansatta’ and my ‘Gossip’ column in it, I used to make fun of Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s innocence. Used to write on you in the column too. Then Arun Singh, Jagdish Tytler, Satish Sharma, Suman Dubey’s wife or your intimate friend, once I took a dig at you by writing a Sanskrit shloka by describing the congregation as the goddess of power. At that time the public was overwhelmed by the Rajiv government. But even then I used to write whatever I understood. I praised Rajiv Gandhi’s Panchayati Raj Act and criticized Arif Mohammad in the Shah Bano case. Indeed, that time was the golden period of a civilized, vibrant democracy built by your family. The politics of the opposition had a chance. VP Singh had a chance. We journalists had a chance. Delhi was fearless then. As a journalist I met once in PMO, Shastri Bhavan (with Mani Shankar Aiyar, Gopi Arora, Suman Dubey, Fotedar, V George, RK Dhawan, Arjun Singh, Arun Nehru, Arun Singh etc.), even while gossiping. Didn’t feel that someone is angry, threatening and luring. On the contrary, I got an invitation from Mani Shankar Aiyar for the first foreign visit (Mauritius) with the Prime Minister.

Soniaji, you have respected democracy. Despite the Italian heritage of education-initiation-rites of birth in a white foreign and Christian family, you set an example of the dignified behavior of the ideal daughter-in-law of a Hindu family. There are many photos in my memory, which are the hallmark of your loving, gentle and dignified Sanatani Hindu behavior. Photo of small child Varun Gandhi sitting and correcting his pulse, worrying about Indira Gandhi, photo with Rajiv in a poor hut with a pallu on his head, sari in costume, graceful dress of suit, soft-civilized with foreign guests The ethos, welcoming every visitor with dignity and leaving the residence premises at the door of the house and minister or officer to talk in the most polite ease. Yes, I never, even once, in my 45-year-old Lutyens’ Delhi news-search, heard that Sonia Gandhi had spoken to anyone in the wee hours. Arrogance and arrogance, threatened to take revenge or have done any such thing. Only once heard this from the mouth of P Upendra, later he himself denied it. Nor did he hear tales like taking money from industrialists, threatening calls.

Soniaji, I am indebted to you as a Sanatani Indian citizen because you made the Nehru-Indira Gandhi family proud. Shame. In the 36 years since Rajiv Gandhi became the Prime Minister in 1984 to 2022, you have not done a single thing that would put a strain on the political capital-heirloom of the Nehru-Gandhi family. Whatever the goth Hindus may say and they call Rahul Gandhi-Priyanka Gandhi Pappu or bad, but despite the power-money-glory, both Rahul and Priyanka are representatives of the cultured behavior of the family. Rahul could not have become the Prime Minister. Rahul and Priyanka are not those political slyness, that lowliness, that opportunism, that ideological dishonesty and bargaining which in the past eight years have been shown by the ministers’ ladles of Hindu Idea of ​​India and the new generation defectors of Congress families in the last eight years. .

Soniaji, you were the ideal daughter-in-law of the Nehru family. The proud wife of Rajiv Gandhi. and a successful mother. Yes, when Rajiv and Indira Gandhi liked you, they would not have imagined that a foreign, Christian girl from an Italian Conservative family some fifty-five years after marriage would be not only the destiny of India’s nation-state, but the background of India’s independence. Will be the guardian torch of the secular-left idea of ​​Gandhi-Nehru. What role did time and circumstances not make for you?

Soniaji, you could have become the Prime Minister. The Congress could have become the President and the Prime Minister even immediately after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. But you made PV Narasimha Rao the Prime Minister. You made Dr. Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister. And the world is a witness and history will remember how the history of 75 years of independent India changed with these two Prime Ministers. Think from any angle, India has got direction in both the criteria of identity and development of Hindu aspiration due to Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh.

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Soniaji, you did not do justice to the contribution of PV Narasimha Rao. It was indecent behavior of the Congress party on his death during your presidency. But I know that on the advice of ML Fotedar, you had decided to make Narasimha Rao the Prime Minister, then after the demolition of Babri Masjid, Fotedar revolted in the cabinet and tricked you in sharing with Arjun Singh, ND Tiwari that the idea of ​​Congress. Against Narasimha Rao. They are communal. They are Hindus. You were misled by the court Congressmen. It was she who then made the Congress distance from that Hindu Jagran, which you could not understand even though you were the wife of Rajiv Gandhi, who had laid the foundation stone of the temple in Ayodhya. Hindu sentiments were ignored. And further made Ahmed Patel his political advisor.

Soniaji, you made another mistake. Fotedar, Ahmed Patel and Surjeet of the Left at a time when after 9/11, due to Islamic jihadis, there was a change in the thinking of Muslims all over the world. You immersed yourself in the secular-progressive ideology of the Nehru-Gandhi family. And despite the lack of hope, after defeating the Hinduist Vajpayee government in 2004, you and your sons and daughters took the impression that there was no radical political transformation of Hindus. For you, the victory of the Congress in the 2004 Lok Sabha elections was unexpected. I remember this because Ambika Soni was your advisor before the election. She was a fan of my gossip columns and election analysis. When I analyzed the defeat of the Vajpayee government, Ambika Soni not only spoke to me in surprise, but also made me meet you and you too had a distrust then.

Soniaji, it was because of the unexpected victory that you did not think about the aspect of Kaun Banega Prime Minister. That’s when the Congressmen, giving you the joy of victory and giving you credit for becoming the Prime Minister, asked you to become the Prime Minister, Hindus mobbed your house, one fired a gun and created pressure like suicide, you were in a dilemma. I, like countless Indians, heaved a sigh of relief when you respected the Hindu sentiment (narrow). You turned down the opportunity to become the Prime Minister despite the Congress winning the election, defeating the Mahabali Vajpayee government. It is a waste that you are afraid of ghastly acts like shaving the head of Sushma Swaraj-Uma Bharti. I had written then in the gossip column in ‘Punjab Kesari’ that Rahul Gandhi made his opinion by visiting Rajiv Gandhi’s samadhi on the crucial night. And then with the understanding of mother-son-daughter it was decided to make Dr. Manmohan Singh the Prime Minister. You did not become yourself and did not make any trickster, ruling Congressman (from Pranab Mukherjee to Arjun Singh etc.) as Prime Minister, but handed over power to the really intelligent, economist Bhadra Dr. Manmohan Singh.

Soniaji, that was your best decision. India was concerned about the unity and integrity of the nation-state. What did you mean by Dr. Manmohan Singh in the assassination of his mother-in-law Indira Gandhi and the Sikh extremism, 1984 violence, in pouring water on the Khalistani idea, did any other party show the same vision in the 75 years of India’s history? The word Khalistani, which had gone into oblivion in the ten years of Manmohan Singh’s government, is now raising its head in the eight years of Modiji. Your role as the UPA President has led to a rapprochement of the extremists of the North-East. You have given the right to information (which is now almost snatched) to Hindus to seek answers from power. Hindus were courageous. You did not distribute dole to the poor votes, but made MGNREGA scheme to give wages in exchange for labour-employment. You made a parliamentary law for street vendors to use street vendors. You got the women’s reservation bill made. You gave the rights of the forest to the tribals. You gave that freedom to Dr. Manmohan Singh that even when he stuck to the nuclear deal with America and the Left threatened to get out of power, topple the government, even then you allowed Dr. Manmohan Singh to do that diplomacy, which ended India’s global untouchability . You allowed Telangana to be formed at the will of the people of Telangana, despite the differences in the party, in spite of the danger of the Congress dying in the state. Make the freedom, dignity, rights (and today?) of Congress ministers in the cabinet, UPA constituents (from Pranab Mukherjee, Chidambaram etc. Conquered the Congressmen in the states. The leaders were made ministers (Jyotiraditya, Jitin from Himanta etc.), chief ministers. Let a hundred flowers bloom. Allowed media freedom to flourish. Organizations were made more powerful. People were allowed to agitate. Freedom to the media. With the respect of all opposition leaders from Advani, Jaitley to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Pranab, Chidambaram etc., he maintained access to everyone. How many ruckus did the opposition create in the parliament. There was abusive speech, but did not get such dictatorial orders from the speaker that there would be no words in the speech and debate or there would be no demonstration-dharna in the premises. Or the Central Hall closed for journalists and limited entry in the Parliament complex.

Soniaji, you have embraced the Nehru-Gandhi legacy, the secular, progressive, center to left ideological integrity of their Idea of ​​India with a democratic mood. Your concern for the poor, Dalit, minorities was genuine. You have created a global value for India’s politics. India became acceptable to the atomic club of western countries. The economy of India has become an emerging economy of the world. In the midst of all this, it was your fault that you did not understand the global scourge of Islam and its impact on Hindus under the guise of Ahmed Patel and the Left. Lalu Yadav and the party, the Left and the then red langurs of Lutyens’ Delhi (who are now converted into saffron langoors-sarong institutions) also attributed the Godhra truth to the Hindus. In the Gujarat elections, by saying ‘Maut ka Saudagar’, Narendra Modi gave an opportunity to say that ‘Who is the one who saved the lives of thousands of people in the Bhopal gas tragedy, why is Madam Sonia Gandhi not answering this openly now? Are? Who is the merchant of death, the answer to this question is now needed by the country from Sonia Gandhi (when the incident was not of her time)’. By giving Modi a chance to utter rhetoric like hanging, he got his roadmap made for the captivity of Hindus. It was the great blunder of your speech writer Janardan Dwivedi & Party, due to which the Vaishnavite Hindu Congress Party of Mahatma Gandhi started descending from the minds of Hindus.

Soniaji, even though you are foreigners, you have believed in those Hindu Congressmen whose conscience and intellect have the historical DNA of the mansabdari of power. In the last eight years you must have understood the difference between the Western mind and the Hindu character. But first you neither understood Hindu reality nor explained it to Rahul Gandhi. You remained ignorant of the Hindu-Muslim gland of history in Ahmed Patel-Yechury’s Idea of ​​India. In the same leak, Rahul Gandhi is now in the silence of long-term struggles depending on Kanhaiya and the party. Still they did not understand that Hindus do not have the DNA of struggle, self-respect, ideological honesty, purity of thought and behavior and freedom. If there were, would you have lived in slavery for a thousand years? Would Modi have made so much slavery in a democracy then in eight years? What could power and money have bought so many Hindu leaders and votes?

So, Soniaji, I’m sorry. You served the nation of India. Create opportunities for worthy gentlemen, gentlemen, true NGOs like PV Narasimha Rao and Dr. Manmohan Singh. The poor thirty percent of the country’s population were raised above the poverty line. Gave power to Congressmen. Build the country’s global reputation…..but despite all this I am a Sanatani Hindu unable to do anything in front of the gratitude of my community. in explaining. History has made us Hindus like this. We Hindus have neither the intelligence nor the courage to decide right or wrong. That’s why I am in the same helplessness and guilt in your disobedience, as Ved Vyas would have been in Duryodhana’s time. But yes, I assure this eternally that the history will be of the destruction of Duryodhana. India will have to be transformed into Mahabharata. (Ongoing)

Shubham Bangwal

Shubham Bangwal is a Senior Journalist at You can follow him on Twitter @sb_0fficial
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