Sonia’s advice to Congress leaders

Udaipur. Congress President Sonia Gandhi has reiterated her point of view said in the Congress Working Committee meeting in the past in the Nav Sankalp Shivir. He told the top Congress leaders that the party has given them a lot and now is the time to pay off the party’s debt. Sonia Gandhi had said this in the working committee meeting held on Monday. Reiterating the same, he exhorted the top Congress leaders to work in the interest of the party by abandoning them.

Sonia Gandhi said- The time has come that we have to work for the interests of the organization. The most urged is to express your views openly, but only one message should go out of the organization’s strength, strong determination and unity. We are not oblivious to the failures we have received, he said. Nor are we oblivious to the struggles and difficulties that we have to face. We are not ignorant of people’s expectations. We have gathered to take this pledge, we will bring our party in the same role it has always played in the politics of the country.

Sonia Gandhi said- Today there are extraordinary circumstances in front of the party. Extraordinary situations can only be dealt with in extraordinary ways. Every organization has to sharpen itself in order to survive and grow. We are in dire need of reforms. Strategic change, structural reforms and change in the way we do day-to-day work are the most fundamental issues we need. It is being told that many important decisions will be taken in this Naval Sankalp camp. There can be many big decisions like giving ticket to one person in a family, fixing the tenure of Rajya Sabha, setting age limit.

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