Sonia, Rahul try to kill themselves

Udaipur, Congress President Sonia Gandhi and former President Rahul Gandhi tried to revive the party workers in the Nav Sankalp Shivir of the Congress. When Rahul Gandhi gave the mantra of rejuvenation of the party, Sonia Gandhi said with a veil that the Congress party would return to power. Keep in mind that most of the party leaders and workers have given up hope of returning to power again. So Sonia Gandhi’s claim to return to power will motivate her.

On the third and last day of Nav Sankalp Shivir, Rahul Gandhi said in the concluding speech – We will again go among the people, strengthen our relations with them and this work will not be done by shortcut. This will happen through sweat, that is, by hard work. He told the party workers that the Congress has lost contact with the public, which needs to be reconnected. Instilling confidence in the Congress leaders, Rahul said that they should not go into depression, because the fight is long.

While motivating the Congress workers, Rahul said – You will not have to sweat through shortcuts, only then will you connect back to the people. We are born from the people, this is our DNA, this organization is made of the people. We will go to the public again. He said – In October, the entire Congress party will go among the public, travel. The relationship with the public will be strengthened again. This is the only way and no shortcut will do it.

Describing the Congress as the central force in the fight against the BJP, Rahul said – regional parties cannot fight this fight. Only Congress can fight this battle. Regional parties cannot defeat BJP because they do not have ideology, they are different. He reiterated many things earlier and said – I have no fear. I have not taken a single rupee from anyone in my life, I have not done any corruption. I have not taken a single penny from Mother India. I’m not afraid to tell the truth. He said that the BJP government is destroying all the institutions and the number of institutions that will end, the more the country will be on fire.

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