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Coronavirus In Sonbhadra: Corona Case In Sonbhadra has started gaining momentum in the district amid fears of the spread of Coronavirus Third Wave and Omicron Variants in Sonbhadra. In the report of antigen test received on Friday, the confirmation of three persons of the same family being corona positive in Renusagar of Mayorpur block has created a stir.

The number of new corona patients found in this block within three days has increased to six. At the same time, within a month, the number of corona patients found in the district has reached 11. Not only the district in terms of pollution, but the state of Mayorpur block, which is ranked in the most sensitive area of ​​the state, has created panic in the entire district.

Health workers alerted

In a letter sent by Chief Medical Officer Nem Singh to the District Magistrate, it has been informed that three including the woman were found to be Corona positive (Corona Case In Sonbhadra). Declaring the affected area as an infected area, a request has been made to seal it. At the same time, in view of the situation, health workers have been alerted in the entire district. However, the most negligence situation is being seen in those coming from outside. Especially the team engaged in monitoring the patients coming from Delhi and abroad is worried about the new updates coming daily. Even after home quarantine, those coming from outside are not leaving the house.

Corona patient all three people from the same family

Due to this, fears of rapid spread of corona in the district have started making people sleepless. At the same time, health workers have also started getting worried about the situation. All three corona patients found positive on Friday are said to be from the same family. Their contact with outsiders is also being told. On the other hand, the health department has sent a letter to all the sub-district magistrates of the district to prepare a list of primary and secondary contacts of the patients found and make them available in the CMO office by Saturday.

Let us inform that on Wednesday, two patients were found in Renukoot of Mayorpur block and one in Anpara. Earlier this month, two patients have been found in Renukoot and in Duddhi.

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