Somiya Negi: The Journey of a Blogger

Somiya Negi is a blogger and model by profession who is well known for somiyanegi13. She was born on 13 October 2002, and her birth sign is Libra. She was very studious since childhood, where she used to rank first in her class, was also good in sports and karate (Martial Arts). She was always praised by her teachers in her school for her cursive handwriting, always bagged the first rank in inter-school handwriting competition.

She says “She has faced lots of ups and downs in her life and she has always stood strong. But Learning from those obstacles and coming back stronger makes one deserve what they are capable of in life.”

Somiya Negi

As of January 2020, she has reached 25k+ followers on her Instagram account, where she shares her fashion and makeup content. Somiya says “I am extremely proud and happy of myself and hard work has paid off, and I am glad that I could make my parents and colleagues proud of my journey which began in 2018 where I stayed writing blogs and by 2019 I gained a lot of audiences where they started liking my content and motivated me to continue this journey and take it ahead as a career. I used to watch a lot of bloggers and YouTubers since my early years; later I started following some because I found their work genuine and engaging. While I have been lucky to pursue my passion as my career.”

“For me, fashion is something that makes you feel comfortable in what you wear, and I am very passionate about what I am doing, and this drives me crazy to give my best every time.”

She is present on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Winkl, Blogspot and is admired for her work. She believes in being honest about reviewing the brand’s that she’s working with to her audience. Her dedication and consistency towards her page is something we would like to appreciate.

Somiya Negi

“Classic things never die, so I like to keep my outfits classy and minimal,” she says, don’t want to get vanished by following trends so she personally never follows them. Tries to create content that fits well with the brand’s image.

She speaks her heart out and says that she has been facing rejection throughout her life but never looked back and kept moving ahead and that’s where she decided that things are not working out and she needs to do something now. She is just 18 with a massive growth on social media where people ask her for beauty and skincare advice. She was very fond of serials and movies, so she started going for auditions and that’s where she has bagged a role in TVF.

She has collaborated with more than 200 brands, namely Daniel wellington, MPOC, Viviana mall, JBL. She has also walked ahead ramp for L’Oreal Professionnel. She has been invited to trailer launches, grand openings etc. where she gets opportunities to meet celebs and fellow bloggers.

She says nothing is impossible if you work hard.



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