Social media: Officer got emotional while firing employees, wrote heart touching post

This picture and this post are being appreciated almost all over the world. And some people are criticizing it too.

It is not new that large scale layoffs of employees or employees are done in private companies, it happens all over the world. During the Corona period, there were many such cases around the world when employees were fired from the company without informing them. But in the meantime, recently a company fired its employees, then its CEO came into the limelight. A picture of a man with tears in his eyes is going viral on social media these days. This photo is of Braden Walleck, the CEO of a company called Hypersocial. It is being told that Walleck took this selfie of himself crying during the layoff of employees. According to media reports, the CEO posted this picture on his LinkedIn in which tears are visible in his eyes. However, after this picture went viral on social media, a new debate has started around the world.

Let us tell you that the CEO of a company called Hypersocial, Braden Walleck, while making a crying selfie of himself viral, he has also written a long ‘post’ in which he has also given the reason. He wrote that this is the weakest thing he would never want to share. I’ve seen a lot of layoffs over the past few weeks on LinkedIn. Most of them are due to the economy. He wrote, ‘My fault I decided to stop selling my core services in February and focus on a new service and that was the hardest thing to do.’ He further wrote, ‘I wish I was the owner of a company, which operated only with money and did not care that it hurt anyone. I just want to tell people that not every CEO is cold hearted he doesn’t care when he has to lay off people. He loves all his employees. Tears welled up in his eyes while saying this.

After this post surfaced, it went viral. This picture and this post are being appreciated almost all over the world. At the same time some people are also criticizing it. People are naming this selfie of Braden Walleck viral on social media as Crying Selfie.

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