Social media: Girl getting off school bus dragged for one kilometer due to driver’s carelessness

The video went viral on social media, the scene was captured in the CCTV footage inside the bus

Many videos go viral on social media every day. Now another video has gone viral on social media and this is not a funny video but people were surprised to see this video. In this video going viral, a young girl was dragged by a school bus for 1 kilometer before stopping. The clip was shared on Twitter by user Dean Blundell and is currently going viral on social media.

video went viral

The incident happened that a small girl got down from the school bus but her bag got stuck in the door of the bus and the bus driver did not see this and accelerated the bus. Let us tell you that all this was captured in the CCTV footage installed inside the bus.

caught on cctv camera

The CCTV camera showed how the little girl started getting down from the bus and while closing the gate, the driver did not pay attention to her and as soon as the bus door was closed, the girl’s bag got stuck in it and she too fell. Gradually the driver increased the speed of the bus, with the bus below the girl was hanging on the door. After that he looked and the bus stopped. This footage has now gone viral on the internet and has left every user by surprise.

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