So have aliens hacked NASA’s Voyager? What is the meaning of strange messages coming from Voyager

NASA sent Voyager 1 45 years ago, which is currently traveling beyond our solar system in space

NASA has been trying to contact aliens or aliens for a long time. For this, NASA has left many state-of-the-art instruments and satellites in the solar system, which are working on the hope that some day there will be any contact with aliens. In this sequence, NASA sent Voyager-1 45 years ago, which is currently traveling beyond our solar system in space. Now this Voyager is sending some strange information, due to which scientists are surprised. NASA believes that Voyager is working properly, its antenna is correct, but it is sending a different type of message, which does not match with the rest of the data. This data is necessary for NASA, due to which they will be able to place its antenna in the right direction of the earth through the stars. Voyager’s AACS system is not giving accurate information. Apart from providing information about the location of the AACS wire, it does many other things.

In this regard, Susan Dodd, a project manager at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, has described such behavior of Voyager as mysterious. He further said, ‘AACS is working now, but it is sending error data, which is being tried to rectify. So far no problems have been seen in Voyager. The antenna is also continuously sending signals, which is an indication of its functioning.

However, let us tell you that this is not the first time that there has been a problem with Voyager. In 2017 his thrust had malfunctioned. After which a second thrust was started after 37 years. Let us tell you that Voyager-1 was launched in 1977. It left our solar system in 2012 and reached interstellar space. Voyager 1 is the only human-made object in the world that is the farthest from Earth. Voyager is currently 23 billion kilometers away from Earth. This distance is such that it takes 48 hours for a message to come from Earth and Voyager and send it back to Voyager.

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